The Return of L.S.Lowry.

During the weekend I visited The New Art Gallery Walsall.

This is a very fine gallery which houses many of the sculptures
of Jacob Epstein,
plus various 18th to 20th century paintings.

The current temporary exhibition is entitled Outsiders.

The gallery exterior looks like an unimaginative piece of
modern architecture,
but there are some very fines views from inside of the building.

The gallery windows make a good setting for the paintings.

As I looked out of one of these windows I could see swans
walking upon the frozen waters of the near by canal.

I could also see the remains of the former industrial area:
factories and canals,
plus an area which has recently been cleared by demolition.

It all reminded me of the works of L.S.Lowry.

What I fear is that many of our inner cities are going to become
the subject matter of a new L.S.Lowry.

Lots of derelict buildings:
Former offices and shops,
peopled by the new unemployed.

There is going to be no ‘retail therapy’ for the majority during
this current economic crisis,
but we can all enjoy what is to be found within the many art
galleries which abound.

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