Notes From Dystopian Brexitland

Notes From A Dystopian Planet.   

Notes From Dystopian Brexitland

Living or rather surviving within Brexitland is very much like living in the middle / muddle of a dystopian novel, which is also organised in a totally shambolic fashion.

In other words we are going through one of the most dangerously depressing periods of human history.

There is an ecological, political, economic, and social disaster all around one, but very few people within Brexitland are focused upon doing much about it all.

If that sounds like a really bad prognosis , then please don’t ask me to so in to it all on a really bad day for me.

Even when the Rabid Right Wing Tory ‘Government’ of Brexitland are found to of done something really bad, then all they have done is to set up a royal commission to discover what went wrong, and how the 11th commandment was broken.

That is the one which says: –   Thou Shall Not Get Caught.


The Arms Trade, global warming, air pollution, increases in Radioactive poisoning, political repression, falling standards of education , social inequalities, and so forth continue to increase.

While the Brexitland press continues to focus upon so called Celebs, the Royals, a very limited number of Big Business sporting events, and what is being shown upon television.

It summary it is both highly depressing and socially irresponsible.

Thus too the Economy.

Here is a very brief summary of some of the current problems within Brexitland

– More Shop Closures after Yet More Shop Closures.

– Unsafe Cladding upon many buildings.

– Employment Issues which are just too complex to sum up here.

– An increase in the number of Food Banks which many people have become very reliant upon. Yet food is now rotting on the fields as there not enough people to harvest it all.

– An nation which is obsessed with entertainment, Celebs, and the Royals, but seems totally unconcerned about falling educational standards.

Those of you who live within Brexitland will know this already,

While those of you that don’t would be totally shocked to experience it all.