What’s So Special About the Automotive Industry?

I keep hearing about how various western Governments wish
to pour money in to the Automotive industry.

They claim that this is in order to kick start the economy,
reduce the number of people on the dole,
and help in the manufacture of (sic) ‘Green Transport’.

I never noticed the same rush to help the bicycle
manufacturing industry when that went down the sink.

Surely if the object of the exercise to help build the economy, create jobs, and built an ecologically sound transport system, then it is not going to happen by throwing yet more money at the automotive industry.

It would be more productive if the money were to be used to
help build more trains, bicycles, trams, and light railways.

It shouldn’t take much imagination thinking in order to
understand this point,
but we are talking about politicians here.

Enough said …..

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