Scary stuff.

One of the most scary aspects of the nukiller power industry
is that the people who run it still believe that they are going
and can give up clean safe energy.

Wrong !

Very little has changed in the argument as to why these
reactors should be closed down since I was doing
anti-nukiller power work in the 1970s.

The only difference is that these clowns our putting out the
line that a little radiation can solve climate change.

Wrong !

The fact that the mining and processing of uranium consumes
vast amounts of energy,
and is itself a major contributor to the build up of green
house gases,
and thus climate change,
seems to be something that seems to of escaped them.

It’s not so much of out of sight,
and out of mind,
but out their neighbourhoods,
and out of their minds.

The bottom line is that investing in nukiller power is a very
poor return for ones money,
and a very expensive one in terms of long term environmental

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