Headlines and Reality.

2 days ago I glanced at a newspaper headline about the
banks being bailed because they are in a state of crisis.

This is a crisis which has only developed because of a
willingness and ability of people to live on debt.

As I glanced up I noticed a rough sleeper in front of me,
and pondered upon just how much of this banking crisis is
of the result of over selling mortgages.

Governments, Newspaper editors, & Bankers continue to
worry about people who may loose their homes by not
being able to continue to pay their mortgages.

Yet how many of these ‘powers that be’ have devoted any
time to ponder upon the continuing plight of rough

One thought on “Headlines and Reality.”

  1. Or people who can’t afford to BUY their home, but have to rent? The migrating workforce in Europe springs to mind… Not to mention anyone earning less than £50k p.a.

    Of course many of these mortgages are presumably for Buy-to-let schemes, so it goes full circle !

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