A Tale of Two Economies.

I was on a train recently, and got to hear a conversation which was
going on between two couples.

They were bemoaning the increase in student loans.

Some ten minutes later the two women in these couples were
engaged in a conversation upon what would be the right amount
of money they should give as a Christmas bonus to their cleaners.

Yes !  Really !

Some while later that day I came out of my local supermarket and
was confronted by someone begging on the streets.

How about that for something of a contrast for you to think upon.

Meanwhile I keep reading in the financial press that we are on
our way out of the recession.

As I wander along various high streets I keep noting just how
many more betting offices have opened within the last couple of

Now I not that this free Public transport on new years is being
sponsored by a company called Wonga, which is a money lender.

It seems to me that what with the forth coming cuts to both social
services, and public libraries,
that those who talk of there being an economic recovery should
just get out and use some public transport from time to time.


Just remember that the financial press is just as capable of
producing hype which is on the level as the gutter press.

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