Long Term Campaigning

The Waste problem.

Some issues seem so simple to deal with, as all we have to do is say NO!

Yet nothing is that simple when it come to what might be done about Nukiller Waste.

Here are the dangers which industry offers us right now: –

– Holding the waste at the existing plants.

This posses a real danger, especially given that many of these plants will be effected by rising sea level within the next few decades.

There are already major concerns about the existing sea defences at Bradwell, Sizewell, Dungeness, Hinkley, and Heysham.

– Transporting it by rail.

This can and does create major problems as they go right through city centre.

– Hold it at the Windscale ( Sellafield ) waste treatment plant in Cumbria.

We all know that this plant is in a complete mess, and it would be very dangerous to add any more radioactive waste to this ongoing problem.

– While there is no safe waste repository at which it can be stored: – either in the long or short term.

In other words …..

There is no safe place to move it all.
No one in their right mind wants this muck near by them.

So what Can we do about it?

We just have to think about the unthinkable, as no one who runs these plants has a real
clue about what they are doing,

It’s really scary thinking indeed.

– That’s why we must stop adding to this waste problem.

– That’s why we need to stop Uranium mining.

– That’s why we need to close down all the uranium enrichment plants.

– That’s why we need to stop all new build.

– That’s why we need to concentrate our campaigning upon closing down all of the existing
nukiller reactors.

What follows on after that is going to take 90 – 150 years to sort out.  That’s the kind of time frame which the nukiller industry has in mind in terms of cleaning up or fully decommissioning the existing plants.

Though when it comes to what might be done with the waste: –

There is no really safe way of dealing with it right now.

To use a none technical expression: –
There are zilch solutions to this problem.

That’s why we need to stop thinking in terms of short term campaigns against aspects of the nukiller industry, but more about just what we have to do within the next century and a half.

As I keep saying –

This is not like any other campaign I’ve ever come upon,
as the time frames involved stretch over many generations to come.