Just Like { Not } In The Movies

Just Harmless – Just.

One of the best things about disaster movies is that you know it’s all fiction, and that’s why it’s safe to enjoy them.

This is even so when you know that what they show could well happen.

For example: –


The Towering Inferno.

The China Syndrome

Sinking of Japan

The Day After Tomorrow



Just Possible.

On course there are still disaster out their waiting to happen.

What if Richard Mongomery were to roll free ?

Now that would really make for a really powerful disaster movie, but what’s really needed is for some kind of way in which to stop such a disaster happening in the first place

Just Happened.

Here is another idea for a another near disaster movie.

The Atlantic Cartier fire in Hamburg harbour.

With the German fire fighters as the heroes.

While ACT and  Bibby management would be cast as the villains.

Not that such a movie would get started, as the lawyers for both Bibby & ACT would prevent such a film from ever come in to production.

As the fire happened in Germany there has been no Hollywood interest in it.

Yet if this had happened in New York then it might well be another matter.

Just What Might Happen Next.

Every nukiller power plant,  and every movement of nukiller materials represents a potential disaster.

Now I don’t want to see anything about them in disaster movie.

What I want to see is these plants closed down in order to prevent any more nukiller disasters.