Leafleting the DRS Open Day at Crewe

I’ve just come back from leafleting the DRS open day at Crewe.

In the space of an hour we went & handed out circa 500 leaflets. If we had 2,000 of them then they would of all gone too. It was an amazing experiance as all the train spotters lined up to take them.

The nicest line from several of the train spotters:-
‘When do we get to pay?’
To which my reply: –
‘ Inside on the right, or with your life.’

This is the text of the leaflet:-

—- — —- — —- — —-

Welcome to the Direct Rail Services [ DRS ] Open Day!

Welcome to one of the most dangerous train depots to be found anywhere in the world !

Do enjoy your visit to this DRS depot where High level nukiller waste trains are based.

Yet do please consider these facts before you go in to the depot:-

– Each of these waste flasks contain two extremely radioactive atomic fuel rods.

– These waste trains are transported through some of the most highly populated areas in the UK.

– They are transported through such cities  as Bristol, Chester, Edinburgh, Lancaster, London, Preston, Stafford, Warrington, Wigan, Worcester.

– Should anything ever happen to one of these flasks, then we would all be exposed to a mixture of highly dangerous and long lasting radioactive particles.

– The flasks this waste is carried in is not 100% safe,  as  they “sweat” .  In other words: They leak amounts of radioactive material is absorbed into paint and migrates to the surface causing contamination risks.

– These Waste Trains go though some of the most congested railway junctions in the country, such as Stratford (London) and Willesden.

– These Waste Trains do derail once in a while, and thus causes a lot of public anxieties.
e.g.  In Cumbria last September.

– All this waste is taken to Sellafield were it will be left untreated for many decades in to the

We do not need to create this waste, as we can create power from the sun, tide, and wind.