Signs of the times.

Traditional shop sign writers practiced an art.

It took some years of training in order to become a really
good sign writer.

Such signs took a while to complete, but they gave our
high streets a visual quality which is missing within our
modern townscapes.

One would be very hard pressed to find a sign writer these

Most modern shop signs being a mixture of plastic sheets
and individual plastic lettering.

Such signs are both homogeneous in style , and very ugly
in the extreme.

Once used and discarded,
such signs create yet more waste,
or just more plastics which needs to be recycled.

Upon a recent trip to the Wood Green Shopping Centre I
noticed just how ugly the frontage of many of the retail
outlets in the area have become.

This is especially noticeable given the number of shops
which have closed down or changed ownership during the
last 18 months or so.

The Shops in Wood Green not only show just how much the
economy has changed, but just how this impacts upon the
local environment.

Such visual impacts do reflect just how people view the
world in which we live.

Just do your shopping with your eyes upon the shop signs,
and you will see exactly what I mean.

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