Shambolic, or The Mess We Are All In Now. Part Two.

Here is today’s summary on the Shambolic way in which the whole Brexit deal is being handled, and other aspects of the way the UK government deals with attempting to run the nation.

The unelected PM Theresa May been making statements about how a second referendum would do “irreparable damage” to democracy, and { get this } weaken our faith in politicians.

Er – well – If she got out more in to the real world, then she might know how most of the population feel about this already, and how it goes way beyond contempt.

Yet here is the thing: –

Many of the government services and large parts of the UK infrastructure are outsources to companies which are either broke, or aim to improve what services they provide to the status of shambolic

Just take the example of Carilion which went tails up earlier in the year, or Capita which is working on army recruitment in such a way that it saves may of us from going out to do as much anti-recruiting work as in the past.

Meanwhile none of the politicians are doing any work to stop the largest crisis we have: –

The way in which our environment is in a state of collapse.

Yet the headlines are all about how we are not shopping in the way the capitalists think we should, and thus how many of the retailers face ruin.

Is it any wonder that many of us think that this is just not the time to party, but get down to working upon solving the mess we are all in.