Over The Last Few Months

I’ve been meaning to do an update about just what I have been doing of late, but not been able to do so until now.

So here goes ….

During the year I was interviewed for the 5CaleRoad project.

A part of the interview is now to be found here

The full interview will be archived at the Bishopsgate Institute.

I did spent some time working upon the Liverpool anti arms fare campaign,

as well as the more long term Anti nukiller power campaigning work, even though it is still very difficult to get any protest events organised.

I’ve also been dealing with some of the ongoing spycop issues.

Talking of which it looks like I will be an octogenarian by the time the spycops public inquiry is completed.

Aside from that I have managed some day trips of late to such exciting places at Wigan, Chester, Preston, and Wrexham.

I also got to the Manchester Anarchist Book fare, and the protest march about the Tory Party conference which took place in the town during September.

Just like a lot of other people I do hope it will be possible to do much more over the coming months.

Here’s Hoping.

Recent Activities

Despite Lockdown and the continuing difficulties which we are all experiencing, it has been possible for me to continue working upon various projects. This is a brief summary of some of the them.

Anti Nukiller Power

I recently put together the latest issue of Countering Capenhurst.

This contains a lot of information about DRS [ Direct Rail Services ] which transports Highly Radioactive uses fuel rods and other nukiller waste.

What I now have is enough material and written pieces to produce a pamphlet on the issue, but it is never wise to edit ones own articles .

Thus I am looking for someone to work on it with me.

5 Cale Road

The 5 Caledonian Road Project website has just been launched.

The subtitle of being 60 years of books and activism.

This is a project which I was interviewed for. You can hear a little of this interview under Small Scale Demonstrations on the website.

The ongoing Spycops Public Inquiry

Aspects of being a CP [Core Participant] in the Undercover Policing [Spycops ] Public Inquiry are still taking up a lot of my time.

Of particular interest to me is a 1980 Special Branch report describing the development of the anti-nuclear movement in the UK

Sorting out my various collections

One of the side effects of such a long lockdown has been that I’ve had the chance to go through and properly sort out my various collections.

I’ve done the same with my various documents which are now ready to be put to an archive.

I would never of been able to do this if there were a lot of meetings and events to attend.


Soon it will be possible to start organising some more proactive campaigning.

That is something which I am looking forward to doing.


This Sunday it will be 49PlusOne.

That is 49 years vegetarian and one year vegan for me.

What I could or rather should do is work out just how many creatures lives I have saved by being this way, but you can work that our for yourselves.

Here are the figures from 10 years ago.

What is of note is just how few Vegetarians there were 50 years ago, and just how many people have turned vegan during this last year.

What I should like to do is organise an event to mark this moment.

But —

One of my major faults is I’m really bad at organising events to celebrate major events in my life, That’s very consistent with how I somehow never manage to mark or do anything to ever celebrate my birthdays.

So just a little something to mark the day will go a long long way with me.

Shambolic, or The Mess We Are All In Now. Part Two.

Here is today’s summary on the Shambolic way in which the whole Brexit deal is being handled, and other aspects of the way the UK government deals with attempting to run the nation.

The unelected PM Theresa May been making statements about how a second referendum would do “irreparable damage” to democracy, and { get this } weaken our faith in politicians.

Er – well – If she got out more in to the real world, then she might know how most of the population feel about this already, and how it goes way beyond contempt.

Yet here is the thing: –

Many of the government services and large parts of the UK infrastructure are outsources to companies which are either broke, or aim to improve what services they provide to the status of shambolic

Just take the example of Carilion which went tails up earlier in the year, or Capita which is working on army recruitment in such a way that it saves may of us from going out to do as much anti-recruiting work as in the past.

Meanwhile none of the politicians are doing any work to stop the largest crisis we have: –

The way in which our environment is in a state of collapse.

Yet the headlines are all about how we are not shopping in the way the capitalists think we should, and thus how many of the retailers face ruin.

Is it any wonder that many of us think that this is just not the time to party, but get down to working upon solving the mess we are all in.

In Support.

Being an activist means that one always has to concentrate upon a lot of immediate work, but it does not mean one can not support many other campaigns.

In point of fact it is by showing solidarity that injustices can be highlighted, and how social change may be achieved.

One of the most important things which one can do is turn up or organise support pickets.

The other kind of useful support can be to add you voice in protest.

Here are two issues which now need our support right now.

War Resisters’ International (WRI) is concerned for the safety of its members and of their fellow human rights defenders in Venezuela.


By adding your name to the Police Spies Out of Lives Support group for women’s legal action against undercover policing statement Where we stand.



I tripped over two weeks and now have a fractured shoulder. Thus it is very difficult and extremely painful for me to use my right arm. So everything I type is one handed, which slows me down a lot. It looks like it may be another 8 weeks of the same for me.

It’s amazing just what you learn in these situations, and just how much time one can spend working out different ways to do the most ordinary tasks.

Yet my body will mend and all will be well again in the new year.

But Not so with the nukiller industry where it is always going to be a case of Woops!.

Here a few recent examples just what I mean.


Nuclear Accident in Illinois

but then comes the follow on –


Hexafluoride Leak Worse Than Initially Reported, Regulator Says

or to put it another way —


It’s a wake up call for Capenhurst.

Yet that’s not been the most frightening  story of late.


Leaked Sellafield photos reveal ‘massive radioactive release’ threat.


Here is what the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority have to say about it all.

But don’t worry about that as we are very well protected.


The civil nukiller cops have opened a £2.5m firing range near Dounreay.


Meanwhile – as predicted.

Fukushima radiation identified off northern California.

While over at the Fukushima plant it’s a case of —


TEPCO states the entire decommissioning will be still ending in 30 ~ 40 years, but this is also baseless. The actual decommissioning may take over a century.

So it goes on, and on, and on, and on again and again and again..






I’m getting medical treatment for to fix my shoulder, but it will take a very different kind of fix to fix all the problems listed above.

In the meanwhile I’m learning just what I can and can not do with my fractured shoulder.

If only the nukiller power industry were to start to learn from their continuous mistakes.

Of Late – Part Two.

It seems like every time I think that there is time for me to sit down and do something new  — yet another set of tasks need to be worked upon.

Thus it’s always a case of multi-multi tasking all day long.

Yet looking back on the last couple of months it would seem that I’ve done rather a lot.

Here’s a few examples : –
– I was at Heysham during March,
– On the Fukushima March the following weekend.
– While last weekend I was at Capenhurst.

– I’ve Put out a lot of information about the danger of nukiller power.
– Told a lot of people about the Atlantic Cartier.

It all adds up in terms of opposing the nukiller power industry, but I still keep feeing we need to do so much more.

A Few Forthcoming Events.

Sometimes it takes me a while to write up what I’ve been thinking about of late, but that’s because there may be a lot else happening in my life.

For example: –

– Next week I’ll be giving a lunch time talk about nukiller power in Liverpool.

– In March I’ll be marking Fukushima day.

– While in April I’ll be engaged upon letting people know about just what goes on at Capenhurst.

All of these events take time to organise, but it’s so important to just keep working away on them.

40 Years of Peace Activism.

On November 3rd it will be exactly 40 years since I first
become involved in the peace movement.

I remember this exact date as I was on a sitdown outside of a
company which made military plane equipment that was
being used in Vietnam.

It was my 19th birthday when I joined a demonstration
outside of a company called Elliott Automation.

Elliott Automation made navigation equipment which was
used upon American Military Aircraft in Vietnam.

I knew no one upon the demonstration, but felt that it was
important to show my opposition to the war

What happened on the demonstration,
& information upon Elliott Automation,
appeared within Peace News: –
November 1st & 8th 1968.

If you look very carefully:
you can see me in a photo of the demonstration that was
published within Peace News.

The first copy of Peace News I ever purchased was sold to
me by a street seller outside of Holborn Tube station.

It was dated November 8th 1968.

While upon the demonstration I picked up a leaflet about
the Peace Pledge Union ( PPU ).

I joined the PPU,
started to read Peace News,
and the rest is history.