The Last Few Months

Working upon several issues at a time can sometimes feel like doing two or more degrees at any one time.

This is especially so when there are lots of highly technical scientific or legal documents which need to be read each week.

Thus there is never time to write up more than what is the most immediate emails, or just keep up to date with all of my correspondence.

Thus I though that it might me a good idea to mention some of my activities over the last couple of months.

It was the 60th anniversary of the Windscale on October 10th, and so I was at both Springfield and Sellafield to mark this event.

There will be another event at springfields to mark the 61st anniversary.

At the start of the month I co-run a Close Capenhurst Campaign stall at the Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair.

This month my article The Civil Nuclear Constabulary: Structure and Concerns was published on the War Resisters International Website.

I also look part a couple of events to mark Prisoners for Peace Day.

Currently I am looking at the scourge of all the A boards which clog up our city streets.


Working upon a number of aspects concerning spycops.


A Little Light Reading.

Never let it be said that what I tend to read is frivolous in nature.

Well that’s what happens when one engages in serious campaigning work.

Yet needs must, as it is alleged they say.

So here are a couple of reports which I’ve been reading of late.

Civil Nuclear Police Authority Annual Report & Accounts 2016/17

That’s the body which runs the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, which describes itself as an Armed Force.

The report was published on July 19th, and makes for some fascinating reading.

Aside from a lot of statistical, financial, and pension payments data – 

It lists the following Key Facts :-

– The CNC has over 1080 Authorised Firearms Officers.

– It operates in 10 nukiller sites within the UK,  but not Capenhurst, Chapelcross, Springfields, or Wylfa.


– It has a budget which is over £100 Million.

Here is the line in the report which I like the best: –

‘We are capable of carrying out our duties in a flexible and dynamic way, instilling in ourselves a clear sense of purpose.

If we use force we do so in a manner proportionate to the threat, recognising and upholding the principles enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights.’

Thus the next time you are confronted by any armed member of the CNC – you can be assured that they will of read the convention, and will act with all of its provisions in mind – – – or so it is alleged to be that way.

So now you know.

Nukiller particles

This is the other really interesting report which every anti-nukiller -power activist should download and read.

Particles in the Environment   Annual Report for 2015/16 and Forward Programme

This is a report which has been published by sellafield Ltd.

It is the one in which they show the amount of radioactive particles which they have detected along the coast of Cumbria.

Though those are just what they have managed to find in their sampling.


The Unworkable Proposed Merger of MOD Plod, The CNC, and BTP

A Unique force.

There is one aspect about the Civil Nuclear Constabulary [ CNC ] which we should always state whenever we write or talk about them.

The CNC refer to themselves as an Armed Force.

They are financed by the nukiller power companies and have very close links with the MOD.

They no longer guard all nukiller instillations such as Capenhurst or Springfields.

They do not guard the nukiller waste trains which pass through our city centres, and neither does the British Transport police [ BTP ] .

Yet the CNC do have powers of arrest, with no public accountability about the way they operate.

An Unworkable Proposal

Yet again the bright idea of merging the CNC, MOD Plod , and the BTP to protect nuclear sites and transport links is being touted by the Tory party.

This is an idea which has been around for a long time, but was ruled out the last time it came up a few years back.

Just consider this:-

– 95% of the BTP funding comes from Britain’s privatised train companies.

– While part of the CNC is funded by the nukiller energy companies,


– MOD plod is a part of the MOD.

So just who would land up paying for such a combined force would make for some very interesting negotiations.

That’s aside from just what the various companies might have a say in how such a new body might be controlled.


If it might be liable to any form of public accountability.

Never mind their different types of ‘training and operational needs’.

Differences in pay and remuneration.

There are also variations between MOD plod, The CNC, the BTP which would cause a number of other problems should such merger go ahead.

All three of them have very different pay structures, terms of employment, and retirement schemes.

What is really needed

Thus I just can’t see how any such proposed merger might be workable.

Though there is an urgent need to initiate a public outcry about the way the CNC operates, and just how we might better safeguard all the nukiller waste sites way in to the future.

A Reply From The CNC On My Data File

I’ve just had the reply to my request for any data files which the Civil Nuclear Constabulary [ CNC ] might hold on me.

I also asked that this might include anything which they might have which was passed in the them by the UKAEA   [United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority] Special Constabulary.

This is what it says:-

‘ I can conform that the Civil Nuclear Constabulary do not hold any information on you. The Civil Nuclear records are constantly reviewed in line with MOPI ( Management of Police Information ). ‘

In other words – They claim to hold nothing on me right now, they might of done so in the past.

I know of no other anti nukiller power activist who has asked for their personal data records from the CNC. So there is no way in which I can compare this with the kind of reply which any other activist might of received. So that’s why it would be really useful if a few other activists did so.

Any one what to take this up ?

New Guards At Springfields.

Here is a news story about one of the key plants in the nukiller fuel cycle.

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) are about to be withdraw from the Springfields site at Salwick near Preston.

The plant is one in which nukiller fuel rods and other key reactor items are assembled.

What is not so clear at present is just who will provide ‘security’ at the plant once the CNC have been withdrawn.

Will it be the local constabulary ?
A private company like G4S ?

Only time will tell.

Policing Cumbia

There are a lot of changes going on around Cumbrian,
and the Windscale / Sellafield nukiller plant.

Cumbria Constabulary, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, and the Civil Nuclear Constabulary have just launched the Sellafield Policing Unit.

This new police unit has been created
‘to specifically deal with conventional policing issues that occur
in and around the Sellafield’.

The new unit will consist of 17 police officers:
Eight of which will be based at the plant and the rest at
Whitehaven Police Station.

Exactly who this new unit will report to,
and just how  it will operate in practice,
is something which will need to be monitored from now on.

The creation of this new unit raises some interesting questions about police accountability, and other civil liberty issues.

An ‘Armed Force’ & Not A Constabulary.

There is yet more evidence about how the Civil Nuclear Police
Authority [ C.N.P.A. ] views itself as running an ‘Armed force’,
rather than a more traditional constabulary.

This evidence comes from a news piece about Brigadier Mike Griffiths,
[ soon to be Chief Executive of the C.N.P.A. ] ,
in the Carlisle based News & Star.

Within the article their is a reference to the Civil Nuclear Constabulary as being a ‘specialised armed force’ which is currently responsible to DECC ( the Department of Energy and Climate Change ).

Though it has just too many links to the MOD ( War Office ) for my liking.

Griffiths is currently the British Army’s director of personnel,
and holds the title of Colonel of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment.

Paper Targets

Here is the latest CNC tender which is now online.

Paper Targets for the Civil Nuclear Constabulary.

‘ Paper targets which comply with either the ACPO recommended type for re-qualification shooting or which comply with the CNC requirement for tactical shooting practices.’

This contract is worth £10000 – £ 15000.

I wonder which companies will be interested in supplying all this paper?

CNPA Annual Report 2011-2012

The Civil Nuclear Police Authority Annual Report & Accounts 2011-12 is now online.

Of particular interest are the following: –

– Page 14 – Firearms training.

– Page 18 – Which refers to its relationship with the Special Branch.

– Page 19 – Which shows the CNC exposure to radiation .

– Page 23 – Which refers to Hinkley.


– Pages 25 – 26 on climate change & greenhouse gases.

What is very noticeable throughout the report are lots of photographs of the CNC carrying some very heavy-duty weapons.

Very Scary !