Giving ‘One 2 One’ Background Briefings To Activists.

I’ve recently put together a 200 page binder file of notes, maps, illustrations, graphics, and photos, which cover all the main aspects of the nukiller power industry.

Amongst other things there is a lot of information about nukiller waste transport, URENCO / Capenhurst, Uranium Hex / Uranium Hex transport, etc, etc.

This file also includes some historical information about flood & storms around existing reactors, and the current flood maps which go along with them.

There are also various maps which show the location of various reactors in a number of countries, together with that of Uranium mines.

To back up all this information I also use the OS maps which show Hinkley, Sizewell, & Dungeness.

These are maps show exactly why these reactors are likely to be effected by storms and high tides.

This file is used both for any talks that which I might give, and as a way of giving ‘one 2 one’ background briefings to activists.

I’m very willing to go through it all with any activist who want to know the fuller picture, and has the time to do so.


Two More Nukiller Disasters In The Making

Here are two news stories which make me worry that there are a lot more nukiller problems in the making.

Cumbrian nuclear dump ‘virtually certain’ to be eroded by rising sea levels

Although this will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever studied any of the current or historical maps of the area.

Tepco’s frugality rapped after 48,000 PCs found running Windows XP

Within this news story it states that:- ‘Microsoft stopped providing security updates and technical support for Windows XP last year, aggravating concerns about cybersecurity.’

Which leaves me wondering just how many other nukiller reactors are run on this dodgy Mircosoft system ? ? ?

Yet More Worries From The Pacific

There are three news stories which have just been published in Enenews that everyone should read.

Melted fuel may have “dropped even beyond” the bottom of Fukushima plant

Dam gates ‘shifted’ in Fukushima Unit 3 fuel pool — Damaged by massive piece of falling debris — Concern it could trigger drainage from pool


Experts: Pacific food web crashing

They show just why we should all be really worried right now.

Marking Fukushima – Four Years On.

Here we go again

If there is ever a constant with me, then it is the need to constantly keep working upon what is the one most urgent issue.

It is the need to stop the nukiller power industry, be it new build, the transportation of highly radioactive materials, or highlighting the ongoing Fukushima disaster which is killing all life in the Pacific.

This is what drives me on.

Yet there are still very few people who are really alert to these dangers, never mind trying to do anything about them.

Time Now – Time in the future.

What needs to be understood is that we have very little time to stop nukiller new build, and sort out what to do with the existing radioactive waste.

If we don’t to so then the effects will last for thousands of years to come.

What Now.

We are now coming up to Fukushima Day, when a series of marches will be held throughout Europe to make the event. I will be on the march which is taking place on the Saturday, and leafleting about nukiller waste trains on the day itself.

I would urge you all to take part in one of these events.

What’s Going Around.

There is an old Cockney saying: –
What goes around comes around.

This saying might well be applied to the world ocean currents.

Last night the following qustion struck me.

How long does it take for the North Pacific Current to complete one rotation before it comes back to pick up more radioactive water from the Fukushimma nukiller power plant ?

The key point to remember is that the plant is and will be contaminating the Pacific for many decades to come.

One does not need to be a scientist to work out what happens next.

Many coasts of the Pacific will recieve yet more radioactive water:  –  time and time and time and time and time again.

How long must we keep reading reports such as the following?

‘Huge increase in dead and sick sea mammals on California coast — Unprecedented numbers,
annual record broken in 7 months.’

‘ Millions of fish dead at Oregon coast — “Craziest thing I’ve ever seen” — “You can’t blame people for being alarmed” — Aquarium: “It kind of looks like the apocalypse… especially big numbers…’


‘ Study: Plutonium from Fukushima went further than Chernobyl — Researchers ‘surprised’ their most plutonium-contaminated sample was from site farthest from Fukushima plant — Concern material is flowing into Pacific Ocean from land.’

Yet many people still don’t get it.

What is happening at Fukushima is an ongoing disaster, and not something which happened in the past.

We need to keep reminding ourselves about this fact on a daily basis.

Impossible Measurement Makes Impossible Scientific Analysis

Scientific Work ?

The work of scientists consists of observation, making measurements, and analysis.

Only when they have completed this work are they ever willing to venture any opinions about what they have been studying.

I am told that it would be unscientific to do anything else .

This is particularly so while they keep trying to work out what has or is happening at Fukushima.

However —

The problem is that it takes ages to complete these measurement, and much is it is impossible to quantify.

Yet just how can they do so when they can neither make any real observations, and no proper measurements have ever been made.

Don’t Know – So Can Not Tell.

So lets start with the fact that we just don’t know how much radioactive matter has landed up in the coastal waters of Siberia.

There is just no information coming out of the region, and so it’s impossible to do anything but specular as to just what is happening there.

Ditto at Fukushima.

We just don’t have any true figures about how much radiation is leaking in to the Pacific.

Though much of this problem stems from the way in which TEPCO continues to mismanage the plant.

Here is fine example of why I don’t trust any of the information which TEPCO hands out. It also illustrates just how difficult it has become to make any scientific analysis, or work out just how radioactive water flowing from the plant will effect life in the Pacific.

TEPCO hid record-level radiation data.

Long Term.

As to just how long any scientific analysis will need to be done, well just read this: –

Cesium release at Fukushima to continue for next 5 decades.

Here is what Prof. Alexey Yablokov, an advisor at the Russian Academy of Sciences has had to say about the situation:

“The fact that so far from the Fukushima plant fish contains radionuclides shows that our view of the circulation of radionuclides spilt into the ocean has proved to be false. Radioactivity in tuna fish has been detected on the American side of the ocean. It turns out that the Fukushima spillage affects the life of the world ocean. I see no other way out other than to establish a constant and very careful radiation control of all seafood caught in the Pacific Ocean without exception”.

So it all goes on and on and on.

More Please!

I was pleased to read the following:-

Kelp off San Diego coast to be tested for Fukushima radiation.

Now what we need is the same to be done right across the Pacific.

Meanwhile In The Pacific.

What is read.

The UK government seems to be madly thinking that we need more nukiller power stations, while it allows Fracking to take place , cuts flood defences, cuts social welfare, pushes for more policing with less police, and pushes ahead with a replacement to Trident as a nukiller ‘deterrent’.

Yet all you will really see in the British press is a pointless debate about immigration, membership of the EU,  the alleged bad behaviour of a few entertainers, or celebres, and just what the royals have been doing of late.

Well that kinda sums up what has been going on for a while, or rather, what most people in Britain might think has been going on in the world.

Read a year ago, watch todays news, or read it in a years time: –
It was, is, and will be the very same ‘news’ stories.

What Needs to be Said and What Needs to be Read.

Yet very few people are warning about just what is going on at Fukushima, how the Pacific is dying, and just how much of a global problem this has become.

While all we can do is keep warning just how dangerous nukiller new build will be,  and keep campaigning to stop the nukiller industry.

Radioactive Trade Wars.

A Ban on Shell Fish & Fish.

Radioactive discharges from Windscale ( Sellafield ) picked up by shellfish have caused a lot of concerns over the years.

In 2004 this raised the prospect that it might stop the export of some British shellfish to the rest of Europe.

Now Russia has imposed a ban on fish and seafood imports from Japan.

In September South Korea banned all fishery products from eight Japan prefectures.


China has just banned all Shellfish from the West Coast of the USA.

Trade Wars ?

As the level of radioactivity from Fukushima grows, then so will concerns about the health of the fish in the Pacific.

Thus the number of countries disallowing the import of fish from Japan, Canada, and the US must grow.

These sorts of import bans will really upset the WTO, scupper GATT, and might bring about all sorts of trade sanctions.

Just how many countries will this impact ?

One can only guess the answer to that question.

However . . . . . .

With rising health concerns, and falling fish numbers, there will not be much of a fishing industry left in the Pacific within the next couple of years.

So any trade sanctions will be of a very academic nature indeed.

Ban them now !

What we now need is a European import ban upon all fish and shell fish from the Northern Pacific.

Such an import ban would highlight just what is happening at Fukushima,  and the need to close down all nukiller power plants.

A Very Logical and Very Frightening Predication.

Studying the reports about the high levels of radiation coming out of Fukushima in to the Pacific makes for very depressing reading.

It will continue to be that way as more radioactive water is allowed to be poured in to the sea.

Just what effects this will have upon marine life in the long term is frightening to contemplate.

Though the  continuing reports coming out of Alaska and California are good indicators of just how much of a crisis we now face.

How many common species of birds, fish, and mammals will become endangered species as the result of radiation from Fukushima ?  There is just no way of knowing.

What are now common species will become rare species, and very rare species might soon become extinct.

Fukushima fallout is being spread by typhoons, and there are now some very worrying reports which have now emerged from New Zealand.

Meanwhile in the north.

The US Navy predicts ice free summers in the Arctic by 2016.

With this will come changes to the free flow of water around the Arctic We just don’t know what the long term effects of this will be.

If I am right, then radioactive water from Fukushima is already flowing in to the Arctic via the Bering current. This being so then it could well start to flow south via the North Atlantic current, then down past the east coast for Canada and the USA. After that it would be carried up the Gulf Stream, and thus to the coastal waters of Western Europe.

Does this sound like a frightening and very dramatic prediction ?

Well it is intended to be that way.

There are very few people taking any serious thoughts about just what will happen as a result of the continuing disaster at Fukushima,  or just what the long term effects will be.

It’s a global crisis and needs to be treated that way.