Saving the Whale – Part 1.

A little of my own history.

It was in June of either 1972 or 1973* that I stood on a small
picket line outside of the annual meeting venue of the
International Whaling Commission ( IWC ).

Most of the picket line seemed to be staff members of Friends
of the Earth.

The Japanese delegation turned up for the afternoon session
while I was standing in line. They just glared at the
demonstration, and went straight in to the building.

The well known British Naturalist Peter Scot turned up,
and greeted every one who was on the picket line.

I had first become aware of the plight of whales from having
seen an advertisement by the Moby Dick Society,
which had been placed in War Resisters League magazine Win .

In subsequence years I followed and publicised the
anti-whaling activities of the Sea Shepherd.

This weekend I was told that the are moves in Iceland to
curtail its whaling industry.

I should have more information upon this within the next two
and will share it with you all.

* This is just another fine example of my memory at work.