Imagine a world in which shops and restaurants have to hold a special licence in order to sell meat or fish for people to eat.

Imagine a world in which there are next to no shops or restaurants which sell meat or fish for people to eat.

Imagine a world in which people regard the raising and killing of animals to eat as being a totally barbaric activity.

Imagine a world in which so few people eat fish, that there are no more fishing fleets, as it has become totally uneconomic for them operate.

Imagine a world in which the manufactures of fishing equipment, and the shops which used to sell such items have become bankrupt, as no one engages in such activities.

Imagine a world in which all forms of hunting do no need to be outlawed, because everyone regards such activities as both totally degenerate and utterly barbaric.

Imagine a world in which photographs of meat, or the preparation of meat, is restricted to films & publications for the over 18s, and only if the covers of these items have a BIG NOTICE warming people that they contain very emotionally upsetting images.

Imagine a world in which no one writes cook books with meat or fish dishes in them.

Imagine all of the above, as it’s the sort of world I would like to live in.

Rethinking Food Banks

I keep seeing references to food banks, and lists of what food banks will take, as I’m visiting various supermarkets.

What I don’t see on these lists could ever be described as healthy:- never mind organic food.

None of them would be of much help to anyone who wants to eat low fat, low salt, & sugar free food:- Never mind a Vegie or Vegan diet.

Neither do any of them seem to promote the ‘5 a day’ ( fresh fruit and veg ) meals which health workers keep banging on about.

So perhaps it’s time for them to do a rethink.

Maybe it’s time to set up a some food bank collections places in health food stores or local green grocers.

The Ontario Vegetarian Food Bank (OVFB) in Scarborough, Ontario, could act as a good example of just what is needed.

Maybe this is an issue which some of the vegetarian and vegan campaigning groups might like to start working upon.

Just How Many Animal Lives Can This One Person Save?

If you look at the statistics for the average annual
consumption of meat per person world wide,
then the numbers are rather grim.

On average a German will eat more than 1,000 animals in their lifetime.

That is some
4 cows,
4 calves,
4 sheep,
46 pigs,
37 ducks,
46 turkeys,
12 geese,
945 chickens.

So if I were a German then I would of saved over 500 craetures from
being slaughtered since I became Vegetarian in January 1970.

This says nothing about the number of fish which are killed
and eaten by an individual over a lifetime.

I mention these statistics not so much as a personal boast,
but as an example of what we can all do in order to make this a
much better world.

It also shows just how much we can all achieve by taking up a
vegetarian diet.

Being Vegie – 2/3rds of My Life In July

I spent part of last night looking through my diary,
and doing some sums.

This was in order to work out the exact date at which I will
reach 2/3rds of my life as a vegetarian.

It works out that it will be on July 29th.

The next thing to do is work out just how I’m gonna celebrate
this day.

I’m also thinking that I should look into just how many animals
and fish lives I’ve managed to save over this period.

Once I have this number then I’ll go and produce a pic which
will show all of these creatures together in one place.


Why I Am Vegie.

I turned vegetarian on the 26th of January 1970.

One of the reasons why I became vegetarian was because it is
an extension of my Pacifist, Humanitarian, and Atheist

I also became vegetarian because it means that one can grow
more food, and thus help to combat world starvation.

Even after the growth of the vegetarian movement, and after
all these years, I still find people asking just why I am Vegie,
or have very little idea upon just what a Vegie diet entails.

Once a year I go visit my doctor for a health check.
One of the queries I get a ‘well done’ for doing at these visits
results from my being Vegie.

Being vegetarian reduces the chance of developing many
medical conditions , such as stomach problems, high colostral
levels, etc.

There is also another reason for being vegetarian: –

It helps in the struggle to stop climate change.


Because it takes less energy and petrochemical resources to
grow the crops which comprise a vegetarian diet.

This just goes to show that there is no such thing as one simple
reason as to why I became Vegie.

There is an old saying:
‘You are what you eat’.

In this time of climate change worries there should be a new
saying: –

Your planet will change with what you eat.

Just think about it.


I had dinner with my old friend Ruth over the weekend.

We sat out in her garden under the shade of a tree she had
planted herself.

As part of the meal we ate a dish which was made of

Very nice !

What makes this worth noting,
is that the avocados were grown on the tree we were
sitting under.

Eva Batt described avocados as being:
‘Nature’s Green butter’.

Eva Batt was a founder of the Vegan Society,
is well known for her classic cook book
Vegan Cooking.

My friend Ruth lives in Camberwell – South London.

Camberwell is famous for a school of art,
but not for what is grown in the area.

Climate change must now be gaining at apace,
if avocados can now be grown in a garden in Camberwell.

Send Jamie Oliver to Jail.

I keep being told how bad food, and food additives, are a
major contributing factor in the bad behaviour of children.

Over the last few years there has been a lot of attention
focused upon the quality of food which is served out in the

The food writer and chef Jamie Oliver has been very vocal
upon this subject.

The Veggies food co-operative in Nottingham have done a lot
of work to improve school meals within the city.

Anyone who has been within a UK Hospital over the last few
years will tell you just how bad the quality of NHS
( National Health Service ) food had become.

Even more worrying are the continuing reports upon the
nutritional value of what is being served to patients.

Yet it is not just within Schools and hospitals that bad food
is served up on a daily basis.

Food & Nutrition is a Criminal Issue. Continue reading Send Jamie Oliver to Jail.

A Memorial at Smithfield.

I was born in St Bartholomews ( Barts ) Hospital in the City of London.

Just next to Barts is Smithfield, which has been a meat market for some 800 years.

Smithfield market is housed within a beautiful Victorian building which is in danger of being pulled down. Needless to say, the whole issue of what becomes of the building is very controversial indeed.

I’ll not go in to the various issues which surround the future of Smithfield, but just mention what I think might be done at the place.

A memorial to the countless millions of animals which have been cruelly murdered, butchered, & sold within Smithfield market.

The building might also be used as a vegetarian education centre, with retail outlets which sell various organic, & vegetarian products.

I would like the same to be done at the site of the old meat
market at Caledonian Rd, & at every other meat market
throughout the globe.

MuckD- The Sawdust people !

I’ve been looking through my archive, & came upon the following.

So here is the fun text of the very 1st
Greenpeace ( London ) anti-MuckD leaflet,
which was given out on Jan 19th 1985.

Enjoy !………………….

‘Macdonalds – The Sawdust people !

Sawdust – The Taste of macdonalds ‘food’

Sawdust – The nutritional value of macdonalds ‘food’

Sawdust – On the bloody floors of macdonalds slaughterhouses.

Sawdust – From the destruction of the Amazon rain forests
…. from the felling of millions of trees to provide more profits
for macdonalds …….

Macdonalds – The Sawdust people ! ‘

What followed on from that became McLibel.