So Called Ecologists.

There is an old saying which likens ‘Fighting for Peace’ to that
of screwing for virginity.

There are co-called ecologists who claim that the problem of
climate change can only be solved by the use of nukiller

They would seem to of forgotten that mining of Uranium,
and every thing else about nukiller power produces Climate
changing damage.

This says nothing of the other long term ecological mess
which nukes produce.

We can stop climate change
– by cutting our energy use,
– by building wind farms,
– by better insulation of our homes,
– reverse things by growing more trees.

What we can not do is work out how to safely store the
radioactive sludge which result from the use of nukiller
guarantee to safeguard this very toxic waste into the coming

So when the likes of George Monbiot states that Nukes are the
answer to Climate change,
then all I can do is sing the words to that popular old song:
‘and the band played believe it if you can’.

One thought on “So Called Ecologists.”

  1. Green washing! I remember the first run-in I had with this spin doctoring. It was an ad on TV by a farmer saying how grat nuclear power ws and promoting milk! This was a few years after the state of CT had to notify the public about radioactive Iodine in the milk from Milstone 1. Actually they really didn’t notify publically but in a little notice somewhere. NOt many people knew about it! It was sickening as I was just then presenting a 3 thousand signatures petition to the legislature to get them to monitor the milk in CT. I got crossed by my senator who was then given a commisioneer of transportation job for his complicity. Also the head of radiation saftey got a new job with less heat and more money for telling the head of Appropriations that his department would not monitor the milk. What could I have expected with GE heeadquarters in CT along with the Nuclear Navy and General Dynamics Electric Boat! Connecticut is owned by the military industrial complex, from Senator Lieberman to now Blumenthal who insured as CT AG that the Millstone 2 steam generator replacement never made it to the ratemaking process which had at that time state required pubic hearings!
    All this is detail that is past but it should give an idea of the M.O of these crooks of corporate/miltary power in the nuclear mix.

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