NIMBYism v NIMBYism.

A wonderful example of Machiavellian thinking !

If the various proposals which abound about Nukiller New Build or just where Nukiller Waste might be stored illustrate anything, then it is how we need to think about these issues within an overall context.

Take for example the various proposals as to where radioactive waste from decommissioned nukiller submarines might be stored.

This displays a wonderful example of Machiavellian thinking at the MOD.

In each of the areas where they propose to dump this waste local groups cry out ‘Not Here’, and will be happy if goes to one of the other places which is on the list.

It all comes down to a form of NIMBYism v NIMBYism.

Victory! Victory!

Thus when the final decision is made – lots of local community groups will shout ‘Victory! Victory!’

That’s when the MOD will slip something else past us all.

It a tactic which the Nukiller power industry has been using for many a year.

While locals around the Capenhurst area worry about the submarine waste problem, URENCO can continue to use and transport Uranium Hexaflouride,

Yet very few people will do anything about this existing danger.

The same kind of thinking seems to be displayed by some of the local groups around Burfield, which is a nukiller weapons factory.

Ditto With New Build.

While lots of campaigning is being used to stop a new nukiller plant at Hinkley, there is less work being done to stop the working life of existing nukiller plants being extended.

In many cases this is up to another decade beyond what they were designed to do.

What strikes me is the need to make sure that we keep campaigning on new build as a part of all the other aspects of the nukiller industry.

e.g. Showing how uranium enrichment at Capenhurst is a direct cause of all the high level nukiller waste which goes through Chester & how it will effect the ongoing problems at Sellafield.

Ditto – How it relates to what’s happening and is proposed to happen at Wylfa.

What worries me is that by just focusing on Hinkley and New Build, we might well miss some of the other proposals which the nukiller industry is coming up with.

As I keep saying – Take the overview, but keep an eye on the details.

If we are going to stop all of these proposals then we need to think about a lot more joined up campaigning.

In this case it means local campaigning groups supporting all the other local campaigning groups.

Only then will it be possible for us to take on the nukiller industry and hope to win.

Just Like { Not } In The Movies

Just Harmless – Just.

One of the best things about disaster movies is that you know it’s all fiction, and that’s why it’s safe to enjoy them.

This is even so when you know that what they show could well happen.

For example: –


The Towering Inferno.

The China Syndrome

Sinking of Japan

The Day After Tomorrow



Just Possible.

On course there are still disaster out their waiting to happen.

What if Richard Mongomery were to roll free ?

Now that would really make for a really powerful disaster movie, but what’s really needed is for some kind of way in which to stop such a disaster happening in the first place

Just Happened.

Here is another idea for a another near disaster movie.

The Atlantic Cartier fire in Hamburg harbour.

With the German fire fighters as the heroes.

While ACT and  Bibby management would be cast as the villains.

Not that such a movie would get started, as the lawyers for both Bibby & ACT would prevent such a film from ever come in to production.

As the fire happened in Germany there has been no Hollywood interest in it.

Yet if this had happened in New York then it might well be another matter.

Just What Might Happen Next.

Every nukiller power plant,  and every movement of nukiller materials represents a potential disaster.

Now I don’t want to see anything about them in disaster movie.

What I want to see is these plants closed down in order to prevent any more nukiller disasters.

Meanwhile In The Pacific.

What is read.

The UK government seems to be madly thinking that we need more nukiller power stations, while it allows Fracking to take place , cuts flood defences, cuts social welfare, pushes for more policing with less police, and pushes ahead with a replacement to Trident as a nukiller ‘deterrent’.

Yet all you will really see in the British press is a pointless debate about immigration, membership of the EU,  the alleged bad behaviour of a few entertainers, or celebres, and just what the royals have been doing of late.

Well that kinda sums up what has been going on for a while, or rather, what most people in Britain might think has been going on in the world.

Read a year ago, watch todays news, or read it in a years time: –
It was, is, and will be the very same ‘news’ stories.

What Needs to be Said and What Needs to be Read.

Yet very few people are warning about just what is going on at Fukushima, how the Pacific is dying, and just how much of a global problem this has become.

While all we can do is keep warning just how dangerous nukiller new build will be,  and keep campaigning to stop the nukiller industry.

Recent Activities

Sometimes it might seem like I’ve not been doing much of late, but this is not the case.

I’ve just had an article about my world view published on the Liverpool CND website.

While a lot of my time have been spent upon setting up the Atlantic Cartier Campaign.

Right now I’m putting together a piece about the Military & Arms Trade dangers which come from 3D printing.

So as we say – More Anon.

An Anarchist Perspective On Plebgate.

This morning I had one of those most enlightening conversations
which I tend to have with members of the Met Police Diplomatic
Protection Group.

The conversation took place while I was picketing outside of the Japanese Embassy.

We talked about the long term effects of nukiller power.

All very much of a scary set of issues.

I also got to chat with him about the Plebgate issue,
and  both agreed that the whole thing is very much blown up out of all proportion.

One point I did make to him on this issue: –
As an anarchist my sympathies are very much with the police.

I’ve always found members of the Met Police Diplomatic
Protection group to be very polite to me,
and why should they be any different while on duty at Downing Street?

Yet here is the bottom line: –

Plebgate revolves around the conduct of a tory politician,
who’s ever going to believe the word of  any former Conservative chief whip?

I of course think that there is nothing wrong with being called a pleb,  or one of the people,  but elitist politicians do have a tendency to forget the people whom they are supposed to be

Enough said for now – – – – .

Looking At Paintings.

I spend a lot of my time visiting art galleries, which is why I have come to the
following conclusion:-

That the classification of art can sometimes prevent us from really understanding
just what the artist is or was doing.

I’d like to illustrate this observation by looking at the work of two artists.

Paul Cézanne

Paul Cézanne ( 1839–1906 ) has traditionally been thought of as an Impressionist
yet in many ways he was more than that.

Just look at these painting:-


The Bay of Marseilles, view from L’Estaque

Still Life, Drapery, Pitcher, and Fruit Bowl


The  watercolour

Mill at the River

If you look these works closely enough you will realise that they are more cubist
than impressionist in nature.

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh ( 30 March 1853 – 29 July 1890 ) is always referred to as being a
post-Impressionist painter.

What are less commented upon are  his drawings.

For example:-

Cypresses (Les Cyprès), 1889


Starry Night, after the painting, 1889

Now just start looking at his paintings such as:-

The Starry Night, June 1889

Wheatfield with Crows, 1890


Cypresses, 1889

What will then become very obvious to you is that many of his paintings were no
more and no less than drawings in colour.

Understand that,
and start to look at the rest of his works with a fresh eye.

These observations about looking afresh at works of art can also be applied to political thought.

Just you think about it.

Don’t Tell Me As I’m Immune To This.

Switch off or take no notice.

That’s my attitude to most advertising,
and here is the reason why.

Most advertisements make a presumption about both ones
and  those social values which do not apply to me.

I also know just which lines tend to show that I’m about to be
conned out of my money.

So – Here is a check-list of those words  or expression which will
never work on me: –

– Mortgage.

– Credit card(s).

– Take away food menu(s).

– Cable Television.

– Mobile phone.

– Retirement & funeral plans.

– Loan offers.

– Celebs.

– ‘ As seen on TV ’.

– Branded goods.

– Christmas.

– Sports sponsorship.

– Corporate sponsorship.

– The Olympics and all that goes with it.

– The internal combustion engine.

– Offers for two.

– Anything which says ‘family friendly’.

– Upgrade(s).

– New  or Exciting.


– Special offer.

Now I could write something about those words and expressions
which might work on me,
but I just don’t want to deal with yet more spam or junk mail.

No thank you very much.

On Record keeping & Getting Older.

Some times I thinks about people that I once knew.

It’s just like keeping a  scrapbook that’s full of obituaries,
or having a notebook full of information about missing people.

You may have them in your possession,
but fewer & fewer people you know will of meet the individuals
who are listed in them.

During this year this observation has really come home to me.

First of all I got a confirmation about someone I used to know
having died a few years back.

Then over the last month or so I have been trying to contact
someone who I last saw over a quarter of a century go.

I still can not trace her,
& I’ve tryed ever route which I know.

Over the 60 years that I have been alive we’ve moved on from
Paper & Card records, to Microfilm & Micrcofiche, and then to
electronic dates bases.

Yet just as we have moved on from mainframe to PC to laptop to
netbook, w e have & are constantly changing the software which
holds these records.

I just wish that some of the people who work on computer
software would keep in mind the old saying:-
If it ain’t bust then don’t fix it.

Yet with all of these moves of records have come losses of
& the increasing presumption that ‘it’s all on the computer.’

Not so.

What makes it really difficult in tracing people is that they
might have common names,
or be know just by their nickname(s),
or changed their surname,
and now be living on the side of the world.

While the phone book, and  other directories, give just an initial
& surname on the basis that you will already know just where
they live.

Ever wondered just why the police are always so keen to know
peoples date of birth?

If more directories included this piece of information then it
would be so much easier to trace ones old friends.

In the meanwhile I’m left looking for other peoples scrapbook
which will supplement my own.

One World or Just One Long List.

I’ve noted on a lot of websites that people have a habit of
producing long lists of places they have travelled too.

We can all do the same I guess,
but I came up with the following list while thinking of
something else than just lists:-

The number of Embassies or National tourist offices I’ve
demonstrated outside of over the years.

This list includes such places as :-

Korea  ( South ).
South Africa.
Soviet Union.
the USA.

I mention them all to illustrate my one world view of politics.

Whether it be Nukiller Power,
any form of exploitation:
the issues are always the same.

It matters not in which countries these problems occur.

All that matters is that they happen,
and that some of us are willing to do something about it.