Open Up The Files

Think that your not living in a free country ?

All I can say is that those who live within the EU are so lucky to be away from the dysfunctional totalitarian nightmare which is now the norm within Brexitland.

Brexit is making for a social, economic, and ecological disaster.

It is also starting to impact upon our civil liberties.

Spycops and History

Meanwhile the spycops public inquiry is still refusing to open up all the files that they have received from the SDS.

It means that those of us who are the victims of spycop activities are still not able to find out just what happened to us.

That’s what they did to me, my mates, friends, comrades, other CPs [Core Participants] in the inquiry, all those who have been refused CP status, and the many thousands of other individuals they spied upon or kept files on.

Those are political policing files which go back to 1968.

While such files as have been released to us have been heavily redacted.

Some 30 years ago there was a banner taken upon one of the many peace marches which have been held over the years. It read ‘Historians for the right to future work’.

That’s something which might also be said about the need to see all the SDS Spycop files.

So open up the files !


In the meantime I have just signed this public statement.

Undercover Policing: Statement from Victims