A Word to Librarians Upon Stock Revision – Jobs.

Walk into any public library of late and you might of noticed
just which books are coming off the shelves the fastest rate.

These are:
-career guides,
– books upon how to write a good curriculum vitae,
– Upon just how one would work for oneself.

These are the new best sellers.

What I am also noticing is that there are a lot more people
asking about vacancies within libraries, or for newspapers
and periodicals in which jobs are advertised.

All this is just a reflection of just how high the level of
unemployment has become.

Many of the new unemployed are not inarticulate,
but highly skilled, and highly educated individuals.

Yet almost all of the help which is available to the
unemployed still makes the presumption that they all have low
skill level, or that all they need is a little retraining in order
to find some employment.

On the other hand:
there are increasing news reports about increases in the
level of unemployment, and a major drop in the number of new
job vacancies.

There are now just too few job vacancies, and this is going to
have yet another effect upon the level of unemployment.

What we shall soon be seeing is a decline in the number of
employment agencies.

Some of these companies will just go bust, some of them will
start to merge with each other, and others will just close
some of their smaller offices.

What ever else happens within the next couple of years:
the dole offices are just not going to really be able to find
any work for most of the newly unemployed.

Well if the jobs are just not around, and there is no really
practical help for many of the newly unemployed, then
something else is going to start to take place.

We may be seeing the start of a new wave of people thinking
upon new forms of employment, or new kinds of economic

In the meanwhile: –
There is the job of getting more books to help the unemployed
in to our libraries.

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