Badges For Social Change

Badges For A Better World

For some while now I have been using the following expressions which sum up many of my political thoughts and ideas.

Now I am thinking it would be good to have some badges with these as slogans.

Beer Not Bombs !

Pull Down the Motorways !

Dole Not Coal !

Campaign Against the Cuban Dictatorship.

I’m a Pragmatic Anarcho Pacifist.

I’m a Law Abiding Anarchist.

2 Feet Good !  4 Wheels Bad !

Campaign Against the National Union of Weapons Manufacturers and Plutonium Workers

Build more Railways and Canals.

Support All Russian and Ukrainian Conscientious Objectors.

Becoming Vegan is an Ecological and Political Act.

Stop Noise Pollution – Silence All Musak in shops !

Pedestrians First !

Less Roads and More Footpaths.

Shrink the suburbs !

Plant More Forests

Create Fruit Orchards in the Inner Cities.

Nukiller Power?  – No Thanks !