Other Than Mistaken Concerns.

Mistaken Concerns

There are currently a number of campaigns which those of us who are unfortunate enough to live in Brexitland are being subjected to.

All of these campaigns are redirecting us away from many of the more pressing social, economic, and ecological issues which we need to urgently focus upon.

On and off the rails.

The first of these is that one to stop railway station booking offices being closed.

This campaign is being conduced by the same railway trade unions which has striking on and off for the last few years, and thus preventing us from travelling in the first place.

Yet they are not campaigning to reopen all the rail lines which we used to have.


In any way mentioning all the stations which do not currently have ticket offices closed outside of peak hours – if they exist at all.

Back on to the plartforms.

While they argue all stations need staff to assist disabled passengers get on or of trains,
what they should really be campaigning for is that all stations should have both step free access,
with train doors being at the SAME LEVEL as the PLATFORMS.

London Transport has been working on that as currently been done ny Mersey Rail and some of the other Metro systems.

That really is a much more important demand to be making.

While all train stations should have buffets that sell vegan food which is low fat, glutton free, salt and sugar free.

Not taking notes.

One of the other onging campaigns centres around the use of cash rather than the use of debit or Credit cards.

What those who advocate this fail to take into account is that bank notes contain Animal Fat.

Thus the less bank notes in existance the better, as it will help to prevent the murder of our fellow creatures.

While it will mean less air pollution and less wasted resources used in the transport of cash.

It will also make it much easier for pedestrians to get around as the there will be less pavement parking by securithug vehicles.

The more important issues

Yet the number of more pressing issues are jusr not being tackled, or rather only being tacketled by an extremley low number of activists.

I’ll not list them all of them as that woud just be repeating what I keep banging on about, but will just make two points.

The first is that many of our problems are the result of very poor education, an unwillingness to continue life long self education, and how much adult education classes have been cut.

The second is that a lot of the resistance to change comes from a lack of imagination.

That is especially so in terrms of the need to sort out the transport system, becoming vegan, moving away from the use of extreme energy, stopping nukiller power, and dealing with all the toxic waste dumps which continue to grow by the day.

I’m very tired of repeating these points, but they need making time and time again.