Looking for the news.

Paris. New York. Amsterdam. Copenhagen. Rome. Berlin.

Each country has songs which celebrate its capital city.

Each national newspaper focuses upon its national news.

That is not to say that some national newspapers with a
good global just can’t be found. It’s just that most of them
are very expensive to purchase, & one needs to read a lot
of them in order to achieve a very comprehensive & well
balanced world view.

There are also some really good newspapers which have a
very good international focus.

For example: the Financial Times & the Economist.

I get most of my news by listening to the Today Program on
BBC Radio 4 each morning.

I also read a wide range of webpages, and keep up to date
with things via the various email lists which I am a part of.

Then there are the various specialist periodicals which I
read from time to time, & those free newspapers which are
distributed on the streets.

Yet I still have to go looking to find out what is going on in
the world.

Upon picking up a newspaper I normally look for the
Cartoons, obituaries, & financial pages,
but not necessarily in that order.

One of the most useful indicators as to what is going on in
the world comes in the form of the financial indicators.

Market, commodity, currency, & share prices can tell one
a lot about what is going on in the world at any one time.

For example:
Just look at the share price of the UK mortgage lenders
Bradford & Bingley, or the estate agency Savills, & you
see just what I mean.

Or Better still:
Look at the futures market for all food crops.

There are some interesting things happening to the world
economy right now, & they are going to have a profound
effect upon our global ecology.

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