Assumptions, or Ask A Silly Question.

I’m always amazed at the way in which people will poss a
question to one, and add a set of unsaid assumptions to the

Here is an example of just what I mean:-
Did you see ( such & such television program ) last night?

The assumption being that one would have a television

– I don’t own one.
– I don’t want to own one.

Just throw in the line that you don’t have a television,
or a television licence,
and just listen to the kind of nonsense I have had to endure
for many years back.

Ditto the assumption that one should have an extensive
knowledge about so called celebs.

What needs to be kept in mind by those who make such
is that being famous is no indication as to whether they have
might have anything interesting to say,
or have done anything that might be of real social worth.

Another assumption I keep hearing is that I should buy rather
than rent a flat.
Yet the very same people will tell me just difficult it is to pay
their mortgage, even though they may be earning a lot more
than anyone in libraries will ever be able to earn.

Then there are the questions people will make about my family,
and even grandchildren.

Here the assumption is that one must be married and have
children of ones own.

Talk about social stereotyping!

Many people just wouldn’t like it if they were to be asked a set
of questions which automaticaly assumed that they are single,

Which dating agency they might be using at present?

Just try it out and enjoy the kind of reaction that will evoke.

Then comes the assumption that I would welcome being in a
family friendly establishment.

Likewise with background music in public places.

This runs very contrary to my need for silence in which to
read, or study.

There is nothing better than to sit in a quiet pub and read a
book while enjoying a good pint of beer.

Ditto in a cafe with a coffee or glass of wine.

I’m always on the look out for places in which I can do the

I only wish that they would put up a notice which might say: –
This Establishment is Grumpy Old Men Friendly.

Next on my list is the assumption that one would welcome being
told such a thing as: ‘God loves you’.

Talk about insulting ones intelligence!

There is a friend of mine who would place an ASBO
( Anti-Social Behaviour Order )
on anyone who stood up and shouted about religion on the

I might not like the whole concept of using ASBOs,
but in this case I’m inclined to agree with him.

I could go on and on with many similar examples,
but I figure that you get the idea.

One of the nice things about being involved in radical circles
is that one does not have to deal with such sets of automatic

Maybe that’s why I enjoy knocking around in radical circles.

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