Just How Many Animal Lives Can This One Person Save?

If you look at the statistics for the average annual
consumption of meat per person world wide,
then the numbers are rather grim.

On average a German will eat more than 1,000 animals in their lifetime.

That is some
4 cows,
4 calves,
4 sheep,
46 pigs,
37 ducks,
46 turkeys,
12 geese,
945 chickens.

So if I were a German then I would of saved over 500 craetures from
being slaughtered since I became Vegetarian in January 1970.

This says nothing about the number of fish which are killed
and eaten by an individual over a lifetime.

I mention these statistics not so much as a personal boast,
but as an example of what we can all do in order to make this a
much better world.

It also shows just how much we can all achieve by taking up a
vegetarian diet.

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