McAlpine’s Fissile Fears.

Here is a song which needs to be updated with a current twist to it –

McAlpine’s Fusiliers.

The song tells about just what it used to like to work for
Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd.

The word Fusilier being for a soldier armed with a light flintlock musket.

Sir Robert McAlpine is well know as a construction company.

Some of the places which McAlpine’s have built include
Hunterston B
Hinkley Point B
Nukiller Power plants.

The company was also responsible for building the
Torness nukiller power plant.

During the construction of this reactor there was much opposition to the construction of the plant,
which included a Nonviolent Occupation of the site.

Sir Robert McAlpine’s parent company is Newarthill,
which is Privately owned.

According to a number of sources
McAlpine’s is lining itself up to build the next set of
proposed British nukiller reactors.

It looks like it’s now time to tell McAlpine’s just why
nukiller power is a Bad idea.

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