Investing In Energy – Investing In The Future.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking of late about the many
arguments against nukiller power,
and just how they need to be presented to people.

Of course the most persuasive argument against nukes is that
of a radioactive future,
and just how much nukiller power equates to the building of
nukiller weapons.

Yet there are a couple of other arguments which do need to be

For example:

– Nukiller power is very far from being carbon neutral.
This being a result of the way that uranium is mined, processed,
and transported.

– Nukiller power can never provide any country fuel security.
It can only continue as part of global industry.


– That there is no economic justification for building nukes.
Investing in nukes means taking a lot of long term economic
risks, which both governments and the insurance industry are
starting to become very concerned about.

While the economic investment returns upon building wind
turbines are much greater.

Ditto from making fiscal savings from home insulation,
and energy saving technologies.

While I’ll be helping to encourage more Nonviolent direct
action against ( NVDA ) nukiller power over the next few
I’ll also be showing to potential investors that there is a lot
more money to be made & saved by investing in the alternatives.

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