Insuring the Uninsurable.

Anyone who has ever had anything to do with Insurance will
tell you that it is all to do with assessing risks,
and measuring the amount of damage which  might or may of

It may all look like a form of gambling on disasters not taking
but it is all based upon a formular of tried and tested
statistical tables.

That’s why insurance policies are so complex,
and include so many exclusion clauses.

Break just one of those clauses,
or do something silly,
and your insurance claim becomes invalid.

Sometimes natural diasters occur.
In the old days they were refereed to as ‘Acts of God’.

Nature is unpredictable,
and you can never front see everything which might go wrong.

Even with the best insurance in the world,
all you will get is a ‘Replacing like for like’.

Yet you can’t replace human life.

Which brings me on to the question of nukiller power.

The construction and running of nukiller reactors involves
spending heap loads of money,
and still there is no way in which you can guarantee this will
make you a profit.

If they go wrong,
then it will cost even more money to clean up the resulting
ecological mess.

This is why most of the building of nukiller power reactors
has been underwritten by the state.

Now in these difficult economic times more and more
governments are becoming very reluctant to underpin the
finances of the nukiller industry.

While the industry is still pushing for more government
subsidies before committing themselves to building new

They just don’t want to pay for the long term costs of
dismantling  the reactors,
or safely storing all of the radioactive waste.

Longer term the insure costs involved in the safe storage of
nukiller waste are also very unpredictable indeed.

It will take just one so called ‘accident’ to occur at a nukiller
waste storage plant for the insurance premium of all the rest
of these plants to become so very unrealistic high,
that most companies would not be able to pay for it all.

That in turn might mean that a lot of the Lloyds underwriters
may also become very reluctant to take on such high risks.

That is why just in insurance costs alone it would be
inadvisable for any one ,or any company, to put money in to
nukiller power industry.

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