Deep Cover & Police Lies – Betrayers Anonymous.

I’ve the kind of brain which tends not to remember numbers,
but just once in a while a figure will stick with me.

Way back in 1970 there were 1 million people listed on Special
Branch files.

How large are these files now ?

I have no way of knowing.

In 1968 the Special Demonstration Squad was established by the
Special Branch to
“provide intelligence about protests and demonstrations .”

This unit included a group of full-time undercover police officers,
Agent Provocateurs.

We now know a lot about many of these undercover cops who
were active from 1984 onwards.

What we don’t know is just how many of there undercover cops
were in place during the late 1960s , the 1970s, and early 1980s.

Betrayers Anonymous.

I have been politically active since 1968,
and thus I must of meet some of these individuals.

Who might they of been?

I just don’t know.

With time it is going to become harder and harder to identify any
of the earlier undercover members of the Special Demonstration

I can now only wonder just whom they might of been.

Just whom did I  ( and others ) trust,
only to feed lies,
while we were also spied upon ?

It leave me with a very nasty feeling that I and others have been

If there is going to be any internal police or public enquiry in to
the covert activities of the Special Demonstration Squad,
then it should go back to 1968,
the results must be made public.

We all have the right to know.

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