Going Underground Or Just Going Missing ?

A couple of years ago I put together a few notes for an article
about people who have to go and live underground,
or just go missing.

The idea of this article was to examine just how people might live
this way within an increasingly networked society.

In my notes I referred to Bob Robinson as B,
although I now know that his real name is Bob Lambert.

I never got much further than penning these few notes.

It is highly unlikely that I will ever complete this piece,
but you might find these notes of some interest.

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The Networked Society.

What ever happened to B?

We can all tell stories about people we spent some time with in ones younger years, but with whom we have lost contact.

B was someone that I knew as a political activist over a
quarter of a century ago. Over time I moved on and lost
contact with him.

A few years ago I asked someone what even had become of B?
What I got was the reply: ‘Don’t ask’.

From which I gathered that the activities of B were still under
investigation by the authorities, & it would be much wiser if I
just didn’t know what had become of him.

I don’t know what happened to B.

I Don’t know what he did.

All I know is that I may never know what ever become of B.

Notes for other issues which might be included within the
book, or which I thought about concluding this article with.

Underground & unknown.

The consequences of Living Underground.

– No medical records.

– No Life insurance.

– No Pension.

– Exclusion from airline flights

– Unable to get any credit cards or borrow money from a bank.

Underground & Untellable.

Going underground under a political dictatorship.

3 examples: –
– Europe during the Nazi dictatorship.
– Chile under the Junta.
– Kenya.

An Unrecorded life – Never being able to record a life in case
one endangers an individual.

Just moved on – A study of people who just disappear from
there families & friends for none political reasons.

Identity Theft.

The difference between going underground in the old days in
which might get a false identity via paper & manual records,
and the effects of modern high tech records & various ID

Myths surrounding the need for more ID security on the
pretext of ‘Terrorism’.

The Networked Society.

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