A Little Long Term Thinking

Problems Solved.

I keep hearing people being very pessimistic about our future
prospects due to climate change,
and yet there are still many things which we can all do in order to
stop this ecological disaster from completely destroying us all.

Yet it’s not so long ago that we all faced other ecological
problems which are no longer with us.

– We no longer have cadmium used in plastic toys.

– Tin soldiers are a thing of the past.

– A ‘Pea Souper’ is now just an historical expression.

– Drums of low lever nukiller waste are no longer dumped in to the Atlantic.

– We no longer build our homes with cancer causing asbestos.

– There is now an international ban on the use of  PCBs
[ polychlorinated biphenyl ].


– We no longer discharge untreated sewage in to many rivers throughout the world.

Problems Still To Be Solved.

That’s a good record so far, but we still have a lot more to do.

Though the task list might be a short one it could we a while
before we complete these tasks: –

– Reafforestation.

– Stopping over population.

– No longer using climate changing fuels.


– Closing  down the Nukiller power industry.

Yet it is the longer term which we really do need to be thinking about.

Starting with the decades and still working on the same issues for centuries to come.

One of the major problems with Nukiller power is that it takes
many decades to decommission these plants.

The current and future problem being that it will take between
100 & 120 years before all the existing fuel rods are cool enough
to move. That’s not my line, but what we have been told by those
who run these plants.

Then all the highly radioactive & chemically complex waste will
need to be stored: –

– Not just centuries, but many thousands of years to come.

So far there have been many ideas put forward about how to deal with this waste,
but no realistic solutions are in sight.


If dealing with this waste was ever to be added to the electricity
fuel bill which we all pay for,
then it would equate to a life after life mortgage for many many
generations to come.

It would be like asking the average taxpayer to contribute to the
building of the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, Stone Henge,
Wells Cathedral, and for that debt to continue until the year 27013.

The year 27013 being based upon the half life of plutonium,
but of course it will still be very dangerous for a lot longer than that.

Now this is were the really scary issue kicks in.

Most current anti-nukiller campaigning centres around stopping new plants being built,
and the current ones closed down.

Yet that is just the start of our long term problems.

We need to be thinking and campaigning upon just what will happen to these plants in the long term.

That is why we will need to all think about a 120 year anti-nukiller campaigning strategy,
and we need to do it now.

Though there are still a lot more nukiller ‘accidents’ waiting to happen.

While we still have the continuing disasters at Chernobyl and Fukushima to resolve.

There are very few people who are capable of doing any long term thinking,
never mind thinking in to centuries to come,
yet that is just what we all need to start doing right now.

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