TEPCO Directors Get That Sinking Feeling.

The latest news about the TEPCO [ Tokyo Electric Power Company ] owned Fukushima plant does make for some very very scary reading.

The company has at long lost admitted that it has known for the last two years about the water flowing under the plant and in to the sea .

Now there is speculation that because of the water flowing under the reactor buildings, that it has caused the soil to resemble quicksand, and they might well “topple”.

It is currently estimated that some 600 tons of groundwater
enters the Pacific ocean from the plant each day.

Just do the maths on that,
Pump and pray.

Safe Jobs for the Directors.

Meanwhile:  –
A number of TEPCO directors have recently secured new directorships at TEPCO related organisations, and are now living overseas.

They are: –

– Shimizu, Arai, Takei – Directors of ARABIAN OIL Company’s umbrella companies.

– Katsumata – External Director, the Japan Atomic Power Company.

– Hirose – Part-time Director, the Japan Atomic Power Company.

– Miyamoto – CEO, Nippon Field Engineering.

– Kimura – Vice President, The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan.


– Fujiwara – External Auditor, Kandenko.

Lucky them!

They have been able to get out of the county,
but most of the population is staying put.

Is it any wonder that the Japanese have become very worried about what’s happening at the plant?