The Problem of Religionists

It increasing looks as though the effects of religionist
thinking is going to be the greatest threat to our hard won
human rights.

I am not talking about religion itself, but those who would
have us all on our knees worshiping some kind of mythical

Now if people wish to believe in any kind of religious idea,
then they should be left alone to pursue such activities.

It makes no difference to me if they worship Christ, Buddha,
or Satin.

Christian, Satinest, Hindu, Flat Earthers, or followers of
the pink rabbit.

It’s all the same to me.

Just as long as they pursue these ideas as consenting adults in private!

My objection to religion comes from being those religionists
who try & force their ideas upon others.

This also means that I find it highly objectionable for
children to be taught religious propaganda within schools.

Just Don’t Insult Me!

To state that there is a god is highly insulting to our

Yet you don’t find atheists killing, maiming, or imprisoning
people for saying that there is a god, but that is exactly
what religionist have always done to we atheists.

Much of the increasing danger of religion come in the form
of ( so called ) ‘Radical Muslims’ *
who see their religion as all encompassing, & thus far more
important that anything else in the world.

Not only do I regard this as a form of arrogant thinking, but also as one of the greatest dangers to our hard won human
rights, and to our basic right to be able to express what we
know to be true.

The issues around the Rushdie affair, Jutlands Posten
cartoon, & the Sudanese teddy bear named muhammed, are
all to do with the right of Free Speech, & the right to self

It is because of such activities that I would define
Islamaphobia as just an excuse to attack our good atheist &
humanitarian values.

The over reaction of some Muslims to such expression of
opinion, as exemplified with the film ‘Heinous’, are playing
into the hands of extreme fascist groups.

Muslin attacks & suicide bombers are doing us all no good in
terms of combating right wing or authoritarian tendencies
within Europe & the United States.

It’s not an excuse to appease muslin extremists by saying
that they are under attack by others. That is just like
excusing Zionism because Jews suffer from anti-Semitism.

Neither should we refrain from criticising the homophonic
tendencies of many Africans or West Indians , just on the
basis that we might be accused of racism.

In a free society no one should be exempt from criticism by
the threat of violence, or imprisonment, which is exactly
what many religionists would like to be see enacted upon us

It is not racist to criticise the cruelty which occurs with
the production Halal meat . Just read what has been put out
upon this issue by the Muslim Vegetarian Society.

Here it might also be noted that there is a distinction
between islamic ideology, and the sexist behaviour of some
Muslims who would give their own spin upon the Koran in
order to excuse such behaviour.

Extending the definition of Human Rights.

Perhaps it is about time that we atheists should start to
shout about our human rights, & our right to self

It is also about time that the Universal declamation of
Human Rights be extended to state that we Atheists have the
right to state that There is No God.

* N.B.
I just don’t understand how anyone who would bring us all
back to a world of barbarism can ever be described
as ‘Radical’.

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  1. Martyn – come off it, you know perfectly well that atheist regimes in the former Soviet Union persecuted people who believed in a god.

    Atheists are no more virtuous than any other -ists.

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