Another meaningless word.

I keep hearing or reading the expression ‘People of faith’
or references to ‘faith schools’.

This is all part of a religionist agenda.

For the word ‘faith’ read religion.

For the expression ‘Faith Schools’ read:
schools which are run by Religionists, and in which
children are subjected to religionist propaganda.

Those of us who are freethinkers view the continued existence
of religionist schools as something of a major concern,
but I’ll return to this issue at some later stage.

What I want to mention here is the way in which the
religionist agenda has effected the way in which the UK
government records things.

There are now many UK government & local government
questionaries which ask for ones religion,
while insulting us all by not listing atheists, etc, etc.

As far as many of us are concerned:
This is insulting in nature, and a fine example of religionist

Just to show what I mean by this: –
Here is an alternative list which might be used for such

* which one ?


Born again Atheist.




Voodoo Worshiper.

Followers of ‘the true gods’ – Odin or Thor.*

* Failure to note this fact may result in your exclusion
from Valhalla.


* During the Last UK census there was a question upon
what religious beliefs people had. Within the London
Borough of Harringey most people answered this question
with Jedi.

Of course this is all nonsense!

It is NOT the roll of government to promote the religionist agenda!

We can either all refuse to answer such questionaries, or
start to promote our own atheist agenda.

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