Update On Fukushima.


I’ve just spent some time updating this blog, and deleting many of those news stories which are now covered elsewhere.

Many of those stories were about Fukushima, which you can find out more about via the links which I’ve just added.

There is however a lot about the ongoing disaster on Fukushima which comes down to speculation.

It is also extremely worrying.

What We Do Know.

– That there is a vast amount of radioactive water which is still leaking in to the Pacific.  It will continue to do so for a long while in to the future.

– That the Fukushima plant is in an extremely dangerous condition.


– That an earthquake or  typhoon could topple the plant.

What We Don’t Know.

There are many questions about the plant which complicate any actions which might be done to solve all these problems.

For example: –

– Just what is now under the plant?


– Just where are the melted fuel rods to be found?

What We Need To Know.

– Just how much radioactive matter has gone in the Pacific, and how much more is being added to it by the day?

This will need to be worked on at international level.

– How this has or will effect marine life,  and the creatures which feed on them?

There have been a lot of extremely worrying stories about
diseased fish from Canada and the USA of late, but it is very
difficult to get a full picture of what going on right now.  I would
speculate that we will soon be reading similar stories from

In order to get that full picture of that we will need to take in to
account both ocean currents, and fish migration patterns.

– Just how unstable the reactor buildings are right ?

In order to do that we will need them to be looked at by both
civil engineers and soil mechanics.

This all needs to be done as a matter of urgency.