Monitoring The Effects.

Pacific Problems.

The effects of the radiative leaks in to the sea from Fukushima are spreading, and very few people seem to be aware of just how major problem this has become.

Only in a few places such are we finding any attempts to monitor just how this radioactivity is effecting marine life.

Yet think on —-

– Plankton, & Krill.

– Big Fish eat smaller fish.

– Birds and mammals eat fish.

It goes right up the food chain.

Now we are reading about polar bears becoming sick in Alaska.

The Pacific Ocean is dying and very few people seem to be aware of it.

Global Problems.

Think on a little more —-

Just how will this build up of radiation effect seaweed ?


How will the death of so much carbon absorbing sea life effect global warming ?

We just don’t know.

– The scientific data does not exist.

– There has never been such global disaster in the whole of human history.


It is a much bigger disaster than anything which has gone before now.

A Global Effort.

Thus there is an urgent need to establish a global monitoring and analysis body to study just what is and will happen as a result of the continuing disaster at Fukushima.

The key to this monitoring study will be just how much longer will there be large amounts of radiation flowing in to the Pacific.

In order to do this we will need to monitor the situation with the combined efforts of the following: –

Marine Biologists.
Human Biologists.

Then the longer term social effects will need to be looked at by both sociologists and economists.

Only then will we just about start to appreciate the long term problems which we face.