Meanwhile In The Pacific.

What is read.

The UK government seems to be madly thinking that we need more nukiller power stations, while it allows Fracking to take place , cuts flood defences, cuts social welfare, pushes for more policing with less police, and pushes ahead with a replacement to Trident as a nukiller ‘deterrent’.

Yet all you will really see in the British press is a pointless debate about immigration, membership of the EU,  the alleged bad behaviour of a few entertainers, or celebres, and just what the royals have been doing of late.

Well that kinda sums up what has been going on for a while, or rather, what most people in Britain might think has been going on in the world.

Read a year ago, watch todays news, or read it in a years time: –
It was, is, and will be the very same ‘news’ stories.

What Needs to be Said and What Needs to be Read.

Yet very few people are warning about just what is going on at Fukushima, how the Pacific is dying, and just how much of a global problem this has become.

While all we can do is keep warning just how dangerous nukiller new build will be,  and keep campaigning to stop the nukiller industry.