Impossible Measurement Makes Impossible Scientific Analysis

Scientific Work ?

The work of scientists consists of observation, making measurements, and analysis.

Only when they have completed this work are they ever willing to venture any opinions about what they have been studying.

I am told that it would be unscientific to do anything else .

This is particularly so while they keep trying to work out what has or is happening at Fukushima.

However —

The problem is that it takes ages to complete these measurement, and much is it is impossible to quantify.

Yet just how can they do so when they can neither make any real observations, and no proper measurements have ever been made.

Don’t Know – So Can Not Tell.

So lets start with the fact that we just don’t know how much radioactive matter has landed up in the coastal waters of Siberia.

There is just no information coming out of the region, and so it’s impossible to do anything but specular as to just what is happening there.

Ditto at Fukushima.

We just don’t have any true figures about how much radiation is leaking in to the Pacific.

Though much of this problem stems from the way in which TEPCO continues to mismanage the plant.

Here is fine example of why I don’t trust any of the information which TEPCO hands out. It also illustrates just how difficult it has become to make any scientific analysis, or work out just how radioactive water flowing from the plant will effect life in the Pacific.

TEPCO hid record-level radiation data.

Long Term.

As to just how long any scientific analysis will need to be done, well just read this: –

Cesium release at Fukushima to continue for next 5 decades.

Here is what Prof. Alexey Yablokov, an advisor at the Russian Academy of Sciences has had to say about the situation:

“The fact that so far from the Fukushima plant fish contains radionuclides shows that our view of the circulation of radionuclides spilt into the ocean has proved to be false. Radioactivity in tuna fish has been detected on the American side of the ocean. It turns out that the Fukushima spillage affects the life of the world ocean. I see no other way out other than to establish a constant and very careful radiation control of all seafood caught in the Pacific Ocean without exception”.

So it all goes on and on and on.

More Please!

I was pleased to read the following:-

Kelp off San Diego coast to be tested for Fukushima radiation.

Now what we need is the same to be done right across the Pacific.