NIMBYism v NIMBYism.

A wonderful example of Machiavellian thinking !

If the various proposals which abound about Nukiller New Build or just where Nukiller Waste might be stored illustrate anything, then it is how we need to think about these issues within an overall context.

Take for example the various proposals as to where radioactive waste from decommissioned nukiller submarines might be stored.

This displays a wonderful example of Machiavellian thinking at the MOD.

In each of the areas where they propose to dump this waste local groups cry out ‘Not Here’, and will be happy if goes to one of the other places which is on the list.

It all comes down to a form of NIMBYism v NIMBYism.

Victory! Victory!

Thus when the final decision is made – lots of local community groups will shout ‘Victory! Victory!’

That’s when the MOD will slip something else past us all.

It a tactic which the Nukiller power industry has been using for many a year.

While locals around the Capenhurst area worry about the submarine waste problem, URENCO can continue to use and transport Uranium Hexaflouride,

Yet very few people will do anything about this existing danger.

The same kind of thinking seems to be displayed by some of the local groups around Burfield, which is a nukiller weapons factory.

Ditto With New Build.

While lots of campaigning is being used to stop a new nukiller plant at Hinkley, there is less work being done to stop the working life of existing nukiller plants being extended.

In many cases this is up to another decade beyond what they were designed to do.

What strikes me is the need to make sure that we keep campaigning on new build as a part of all the other aspects of the nukiller industry.

e.g. Showing how uranium enrichment at Capenhurst is a direct cause of all the high level nukiller waste which goes through Chester & how it will effect the ongoing problems at Sellafield.

Ditto – How it relates to what’s happening and is proposed to happen at Wylfa.

What worries me is that by just focusing on Hinkley and New Build, we might well miss some of the other proposals which the nukiller industry is coming up with.

As I keep saying – Take the overview, but keep an eye on the details.

If we are going to stop all of these proposals then we need to think about a lot more joined up campaigning.

In this case it means local campaigning groups supporting all the other local campaigning groups.

Only then will it be possible for us to take on the nukiller industry and hope to win.