Scaffolding and Library Lists.

Library and Information work is not just about being able to
provide information.

Neither is it just about how to use book content pages,
indices, or being able to update loose leaf binder files.

It is also about being able to interpret some of the

– Telephone area codes.

– Post Office sort Codes, or Zip codes.

– Dewey Classification numbers.


– ISBN & ISSN Numbers.

Of course there are a lot of other codes or information
systems which one may be asked about during the course of
a typical Library working day.

Here are just two examples that come to mind:

– Banking sort codes.


– Cloud cover types.

Just once in a while one will be asked about something upon
which there are no books upon the subject which are to be
found within the library.

Subjects which one has never thought about before.

I was recently asked if I could find a book upon various
Scaffolding techniques.

Itís not the sort of thing most of us think about during the
course of our lives.

Itís not just a simple matter of putting up poles and
attaching them to each other.

The key to good & safe scaffolding lies in just how one
braces what is puts up, while taking in to account the area
available to use, and a weight loading.

That is why my respect for scaffolders has increased
somewhat during the last few months, and why I now catch
myself admiring good scaffolding work.

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