Simon Dee and French Nukiller Bomb Tests.

Simon Dee ( Carl Henty-Dodd ) was the first pirate radio
disc jockey upon radio Caroline.

Radio Caroline being one of the various off-shore radio
stations which broadcast pop music to Britain during the
period 1964 to 1967.

Before working for Radio Caroline he had done a string of
jobs. At one time been vacuum cleaner salesman, and had
run a coffee bar.

After his days on Radio Caroline he worked for Radio
Luxembourg, and then hosting some kind of television show .

His meteoric rise towards,
and fall from stardom,
should be a lesson to us all.

I meet Simon Dee during the summer of 1974 when he just
turned up at a meeting of Greenpeace ( London ).

During that period the focus of the group was French
atmospheric nukiller bomb tests at Mururoa Atoll in the

We used to organise regular 2-5 person pickets of the
French Embassy during the evening rush hours.

We also protested about both the Indian & Chinese nukiller

The main contribution of Simon Dee to the meeting was to
tell us that we should spend more money upon the work we
were doing.

He could get us the sum of £10,000 to help us in our
campaigning work, but first of all we should tell him how it
would be spent.

All he had to do was phone up a friend of his and ask for the

After half an hour of this he then turned around to ask if
we could give him 10 pence for the phone.

I never meet him again,
except to see him walking down a Twickenham street.

There are a lot of webpages which will tell you more upon
Simon Dee.

The French eventually stopped atmospheric bomb tests at
Mururoa Atoll.

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