Spycops – We Still Need To Know.

The Undercover Policing Inquiry has now cost over Nine Million Pounds, but very little of the information we need to know has been released in to the public domain.

I’m what is known as a Core Participant in the Inquiry. That is because I was subjected to the activities of spycop Bob Lambert, who I knew as Bob Robinson.

Yet despite the fact that there were some 140 spycops since the Special Demonstration Squad [SDS] was set up in 1968, we still only know a few of who they were.

The inquiry has consistently refused to release most of their real or cover names. This is because many of the former spycops have claimed it would breach their rights under article 8 of the Human Rights act.

Err —- – –

Sir John Mitting who chairs the inquiry has also stated it would be wrong to give their names of many of them: –  because of their ages.

That is despite the fact that many spycops victims are of the same age or older than these perpitrators.

Thus these anonymity rulings take no account of the emotional damage and emotional stress that these spycops have caused, and continue to cause by their behaviour.

This has left all of the victims of these spycops questioning the way in which the inquiry is being conducted.

The Other List.

From the remarkably few cover names which have been released, and what has been discover by activists, we now know a few of the spycop names, and some of the groups or organisations they infiltrated.

Aside from the Greenpeace [ London ] group which I was involved within during the 1970s & 1980s, there are other groups, organisations, and periodicals which I knew, or worked with, which were infiltrated.

Over the years I must of meet a number of spycops, or been effected by their activities.

That is because I first became a peace activist at the end of 1968.

It has been admitted that there were circa 1000 groups and organisation which were infiltrated by spycops That includes groups, periodicals, and political parties, with a very divergent range of opinions.

We need to have this list, and know just which cover names were being used.