When is Equality not equality?

When is Equality not equality?

When it comes to legislation to give ‘equal rights’ to

A fine example of this is the UK
‘Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations’ 2003.

The aim of this law is to prevent discrimination to individuals
because of their religionist or Philosophical beliefs.

The key wording upon this legislation is: ‘ religion’ or
‘Similar Beliefs’.

Such ‘Similar beliefs’ might well include Paganism, Satanism,
or Witchcraft.

Thus employers are forced to take in to account any
individuals religious practices: –
what ever they may be.
While this might make many a religionist very happy: –

It should also be remembered that we atheists have no set
days during which we celebrate what we know to be true.

While religionists can dress up & take off days during the
working week to do their own thing, there are no equivalent
days off work which we atheists can ever claim ‘as a right’.

There are no sets of costumes or practices by which we
atheists may be identified.

Thus all that is left is our right to state that there is no
such thing as a god, but even then many a religionist will
argue that it is harassment to state such a truth within the
work place.

So much for the right of self expression!

It all makes for bad law,
social injustice.

While I’m in favour of anything which makes for an
egalitarian society,
it does seem to me that any legislation such as the above,
does in practice discriminate against all atheists,
Freethinkers, Humanists, & Agnostics.

It is about time that such bad legislation be challenged in
the courts,
Some real equality be practiced by all.

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