Yet Another Year.

It has just been announced that the hearings upon the first module of the Spycops Public Inquiry are being delayed from this to next year.

The thing which really saddens me is that by the time the inquiry nears its end it will be circa 2024, with the inquiry report coming out some time during 2026.

That’s taking in to account just this one year delay.

Yet there is still many 1,000s of pages of spycop reports unread by Mitting and the inquiry team, which the MET want redacted before we get to read them.

So more delays upon more delays will follow as they argue out how to do this on a document by document basis.

For my and older generations it will mean many activists will never learn just what happened to us.

So far the public inquiry has cost circa thirteen and a half million pounds, and rising.

Yet despite all this money being spent: – still know very little about the SDS and all of the other spycops.