What Does EDF Really Mean?

Have you ever wondered what the Initials of the Nukiller Power provider EDF might mean?

I did so and came up with a few possible answers.

Here is my list:-

– Especially Dangerous & Faulty.

– Expensive Dodgy & Fissile.

– Everything Dangerous & Fissile.

– Extremely Dangerous Fellows.

– Economically Damaging & Faulty.

– Ensuring Damages Follow.

– [ An ] Eroding Deadly Failure.

– Emissions Destructive & Frightening.

– Ensuring a Desolate Future.

– Entering a Doomed Future.

– Enterprising a Deadly Folly.

All other ideas as to just what EDF might mean would be most welcome,
and I’ll just add then to this list.

Ely Cathedral

I recently paid a visit to Ely.

In the 22 years since I last paid a visit to the city it was
changed a lot for the better.

A major restoration of the cathedral has left it looking like
the magnificent building it is,
rather that the rather neglected place which I remember it as

There is also a stained glass museum within the cathedral
which I would highly recommend anyone to visit.

What I found of particular interest is to be found within the
Lady Chapel,
which is a very fine example of Gothic architecture.

At one stage the windows of this chapel was servery damaged
and there are now just plain glass windows where formally
there would of been magnificent stained glass windows.

Should you visit the Lady Chapel then you might notice
something else which is not ‘bog standard’ in most cathedral
for etched in to the bottom of each window is listed one of the
bodies which has help to restore the cathedral,
with with the organisonal symbol or crest placed next to
their name.

The first one of these I noted was that of
Tescos PLC.

I jest not.

The other names include:

– The Marshall of Cambridge.

– The Mercers Company.

– The Kings School.

– British Railway Board.


Barclays, Midland, Lloyds, and Trustee savings banks.

Just how one can justify the inclusion of any references to these corporate bodies as a
part of such an important historical building still needs to be seen.

Cambridge Electronic Instutries also have their own window
within the lady Chapel.

Cambridge Electronic Industries
manufactures electronic interconnection items.

It is owned by Wilson-Mottaz Ltd.

I’d be interested to learn just which companies their products are sold to?

McAlpine’s Fissile Fears.

Here is a song which needs to be updated with a current twist to it –

McAlpine’s Fusiliers.

The song tells about just what it used to like to work for
Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd.

The word Fusilier being for a soldier armed with a light flintlock musket.

Sir Robert McAlpine is well know as a construction company.

Some of the places which McAlpine’s have built include
Hunterston B
Hinkley Point B
Nukiller Power plants.

The company was also responsible for building the
Torness nukiller power plant.

During the construction of this reactor there was much opposition to the construction of the plant,
which included a Nonviolent Occupation of the site.

Sir Robert McAlpine’s parent company is Newarthill,
which is Privately owned.

According to a number of sources
McAlpine’s is lining itself up to build the next set of
proposed British nukiller reactors.

It looks like it’s now time to tell McAlpine’s just why
nukiller power is a Bad idea.

Ever Heard About Young & Rubicam ?

It’s an adverting agency which has done work for the military.

Way back in September 1981 I co-wrote a
Greenpeace ( London ) factsheet upon the advertising agencies
which were then being used by the British military.


Thing change and so have some of the contracts.

Here is an example of just how things have changed:

British Army seeks digital agency

Now here is where Young & Rubicam yet again come in to the

I’m thinking that it’s now about time that some more attention
was paid to what some of these adverting agencies,
are doing for the military in both Britain and the USA.

That might involve me in a little more research in to just what
they are all up to these days.

Just watch this space . . . . .

MuckD- The Sawdust people !

I’ve been looking through my archive, & came upon the following.

So here is the fun text of the very 1st
Greenpeace ( London ) anti-MuckD leaflet,
which was given out on Jan 19th 1985.

Enjoy !………………….

‘Macdonalds – The Sawdust people !

Sawdust – The Taste of macdonalds ‘food’

Sawdust – The nutritional value of macdonalds ‘food’

Sawdust – On the bloody floors of macdonalds slaughterhouses.

Sawdust – From the destruction of the Amazon rain forests
…. from the felling of millions of trees to provide more profits
for macdonalds …….

Macdonalds – The Sawdust people ! ‘

What followed on from that became McLibel.