DRS Nukiller Waste Train Routes & Stations.

I have just compiled a set of lists for all the 9 routes which are
used by DRS to transport high level nukiller waste.

Many of these routes start or end at the DRS rail depots at  Crewe
or Carlisle, from which the waste is moved on to  the nukiller
plant at  Sellafield ( Windscale ).

These lists note both stations and railway junctions.

Please feel free to use these lists,
and let others know about any of the trains which pass through
your locality.

Here are the full 8 lists: –

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Looking To Find A Nukiller Waste Train.

Many towns in Britain have nukiller waste passing through them via the railways.

Finding out just when they go through any town has been a very time consuming and costly process – up until now.

One way of finding out has been by purchasing a copy of Freightmaster.

Now you can look up some of the same information via Realtime Trains.

This is a really useful online resource, especially as it gives an exact set of times and towns which these trains go through.

If your uncertain as to which ones to look at on your search,
then they will code as ZZ ,
and are run by DRS ( Direct Rail Services ).


What do you think that D R S stands for?

Dangerous ?

Radioactive ?


Secretive ?


It stands for Direct Rail Services (DRS) .

Direct Rail Services (DRS) is a freight operating company
which was created in 1995 by British Nuclear Fuels Limited,
and so now a subsidiary company of the
Nuclear Decommissioning authority.

DRS owns all those nice nukiller waste flasks which it
transports up to the Windscale ( Sellafield )
Nukiller Waste Factory in Cumbria.

While the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority also owns such
companies as:

– Pacific Nuclear Transport.

– International Nuclear Services.

– U K Nirex Ltd,


Newton Manor Ltd,
which is a waste disposal company.

Of course it goes without saying that the activities of all
these nukiller organisations posse a major threat to us all.

Now just follow the links & you will know who to Direct your
protest at – – – – .