What do you think that D R S stands for?

Dangerous ?

Radioactive ?


Secretive ?


It stands for Direct Rail Services (DRS) .

Direct Rail Services (DRS) is a freight operating company
which was created in 1995 by British Nuclear Fuels Limited,
and so now a subsidiary company of the
Nuclear Decommissioning authority.

DRS owns all those nice nukiller waste flasks which it
transports up to the Windscale ( Sellafield )
Nukiller Waste Factory in Cumbria.

While the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority also owns such
companies as:

– Pacific Nuclear Transport.

– International Nuclear Services.

– U K Nirex Ltd,


Newton Manor Ltd,
which is a waste disposal company.

Of course it goes without saying that the activities of all
these nukiller organisations posse a major threat to us all.

Now just follow the links & you will know who to Direct your
protest at – – – – .

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