New Year – New Fashions

When I used to work in C & W May ( theatrical Costumiers ),
there was a guy who worked in the place who would explain
that the look of the costumes which people wear is not always
just a question of what is in fashion at the time.

As he put the point, it was never a question of:
‘Right lads! It’s 1930! All change in to these new costumes!’

Just look at come of the photos of Laurence Housman which
were taken during that decade, and you will see him wearing a
wing collar: Something that was very fashionable within an
earlier era.

As with clothing – The same with politics.

Some of us are still banging on about issues which were highly
fashionable to campaign upon a few decades back.

Though unlike clothing fashions – some political fashions do
not date in terms of what is are immediate problems which need
to be addressed.

I was reminded of all this the other day as I noted a job being
advertised for a new Director of Corporate Services at the
Civil Nuclear Police Authority.

i.e. The Nukiller Police.

In other words:
The police authority which has its origins in the
Atomic Energy Authority ( Special Constables ) Act
of 1976,
and which is now a part of UK.
Department for Energy and Climate Change.

I’ll keep repeating that I have been saying for a long time now.

– Nukiller Power is just much as environmental dangerous as is
climate change.

– That there will always be civil liberty issues to address with
the use of Nukiller Power: the result of the security
concerns which this technology always creates for us.

– The only long term solution to climate change will come by
rethinking that we are all doing within the economy,
and change the way we run our lives.

Nukiller Power? – Just Forget IT !

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