A Few Words to the Wise.

My uncle once told me something which I think we should all
keep in mind right now:

‘The value of any object is the replacement cost.’

This week I read that some 12 airlines have folded during the
last year.

While the funniest headline I read was:
Bankers apologise for being Bankers.

If you know Cockney Rhyming slang,
then you will know that it is not a complement to call anyone a

Meanwhile the politicians worry about how to inject more
cash in to the economy,
& how to increase the willingness of banks to lend money.

Now wasn’t it the over lending of money that caused the
present economic crisis in the first place,
or did I miss something else along the way?

Yet whatever the cause of the present situation might be,
it is towards some sort of a Keynesian economic solution that
the politicians are looking at right now.

This is all very well and fine to do,
but bolstering up various industries without looking at their
ecological worth is going to cause yet more problems in the
long run.

In other words:

– We don’t need to put money in to the automotive or aerospace
but in to those companies which make trains or push bikes.

– We don’t need to put money into the production of energy
which involved the burning of coal,
or the nukiller power industry.

– We should be putting money in to the production of wind
turbines, increased home insulation projects, etc.

All of which will both save money, bolster the economy, & help
combat global warming and planetary pollution.

I’ll keep banging on about these very same points time & time &
time again, or just as long it takes for this very simple message
is understood.

We need to look at the longer term set of problems,
rather than just worry about what a short term solution
might be.

Though one should never forget that most politicians are just
a load of bankers.

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