Wind Power Not Coal.

If you really want to find out what is happening to the
energy market, and what’s just about to the environment,
then read on: –

The price of Coal has really risen over the last few months.

There can only be two reactions to this information.

Either it’s a ‘nice little earner’,
We Have a Lot of Trouble ahead.

One thought on “Wind Power Not Coal.”

  1. Not to mention we should just use less energy.

    The UK is wasting so much energy on just leaving lights on, leaving devices on Standby (Sky Digibox go to hell), and by using more and more energy on inefficient devices. It is of course possible to turn off all these devices, but we should perhaps also look at another option: Is it possible to get more energy efficient devices to use instead?

    – Don’t keep your indoors temperatures just so they remind you of that holiday to the Caribbean you had last year
    – Use low power computing equipments (a laptop is better than a desktop in terms of power consumption)
    – Only boil as much water as you need – preferably use a thermos if you really love tea/coffee
    – Replace all your lights with energy saving bulbs and DEMAND that your local council sets up a thorough recycling scheme for this hazardous bulbs… Or use LED lights, which last a VERY long time (warmer LED light will be available in a shop in China soon).

    and so on and so forth… There are loads of things we can do. Instead of complaining about high energy prices, we can reduce the demand and simply use next-to-nothing… That will make them cry!

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